The perfect way to chop up your onions without shedding a tear your knife has nothing to do with it | The Sun

LOVE the taste of onions but hate crying when you're chopping them? We hear you.

Well it turns out there's a trick you can use to slice and dice them without even shedding a tear.

The hack was shared by Minoo Mahdavian on Instagram and it's a game changer for all foodies.

Minoo said she learnt hack from her mum and hasn't cut an onion any other way since.

She said: "Did you know that if you don’t cut the root off of an onion, you won’t shed a single tear?? It’s true!

"Onions are surprisingly one of my favourite vegetables to cut, and it’s because of this hack.


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"Honestly I’ve been doing this for so long that I forgot others shed tears when cutting onion."

All you need to do is peel your onion and slice it in half and then dice each half separately – avoiding the root.

According to Healthline, onions make us cry because they let off a certain gas.

This gas is irritating to our eyes, so we produce tears to help flush it out and protect them – the more you know!

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After sharing the hack on Instagram other food fans were amazed they hadn't tried the method before.

"Definitely need to try this," one commented.

A second said: "I never knew! I'm trying this one!"

Meanwhile, other foodies shared some tricks they swear by.

One said: "This is a great tip, another valuable trick is always place your onion cut side down as it’s the release of the enzyme into the air that gets you tearing up. 10 minutes in the freezer works as well."

Someone else suggested keeping onions in cool water for 10 minutes before using, and another thought cutting them and storing them in he fridge was the key.

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