There May Be a Deeper Meaning Behind Alice's "Don't Worry Darling" Engagement Ring

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

There May Be a Deeper Meaning Behind Alice’s “Don’t Worry Darling” Engagement Ring

A few aspects of “Don’t Worry Darling” are guaranteed to leave viewers reeling: the wild plot twist, those risqué Harry Styles scenes, the haunting soundtrack, and Florence Pugh’s incredible performance. But upon exiting the theater and even days later, we found ourselves daydreaming about another lesser-discussed detail: Alice Chambers’s gorgeous engagement ring.

In the highly gossiped-about psychological thriller, Pugh’s Alice wears a flashy diamond ring that’s hard to ignore as she drinks poolside, shops with friends, cooks for her husband Jack, and meticulously cleans her home from top to bottom. For starters, there’s the sheer size of the diamond, which nearly takes up the width of Pugh’s entire ring finger, but the cut is also incredibly unique. It’s shaped like a rhombus, with four sharp points accentuated by prongs — not nearly as common as other popular cuts, such as round, princess, or oval. The band is flat, gold, and embedded with smaller diamonds extending from the main stone halfway down the band. Overall, the design isn’t necessarily indicative of the 1950s, the decade during which most of the film is set, but nevertheless, it’s a stunner.

There’s likely a deeper significance to Alice’s ring beyond its surface-level beauty. It fits right in with the ruse of her seemingly picture-perfect life in the company town of Victory, where the sun is always shining and her main objectives are making sure the dinner roast is tender, the windows are streak-free, and the bathtub is spotless. In the real world, Alice’s husband is an unemployed, ratty-haired recluse who could never afford such a lavish piece of jewelry — perhaps it’s a tool to please her and distract from growing suspicions about the simulation that is Victory?

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