Thrifty shopper shows off her mega yellow-sticker haul but everyone’s fuming about the same thing

A thrifty shopper who shared her impressive yellow-sticker haul online has been branded "selfish" by others shoppers.

Shirley Allbones, who is from the UK, took to Facebook group Money saving hints, tips and ideas and posted a snap of her bargain food haul.

It included 11 blocks of cheese, three packets of grated cheddar, two cartons of eggs, a punnet of mushrooms and packet of reduced-priced peppers.

Alongside the snap, she wrote: "It often pays to shop local…where most people don't look.

"I just shopped local and got some boss bargains. All this for only £6.38…should have been £31.55 so saved £25.17."

She continued: "I shall freeze the cheeses and use them for sandwiches, packed lunches and on top of bolognese and on top of beans on our jacket potatoes…also will have some eggs on toast. Family favourites."


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But while Shirley was clearly delighted with her bargain finds, other shoppers seemed to take issue with it.

"Why buy all of them?" raged one. "Leave some for other people to buy – that's greedy if you ask me and selfish."


Another wrote: "Nobody's jealous of someone buying all the cheap cheese. Some people just care about others, is all!"

In response, Shirley commented: "If there are people bargain hunting I always share and offer if they're next to me.

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"Today I was just lucky…no one around so I took what was there…what the eyes don't see the heart won't ponder over."

If there had been a family around I'd have told them and shared."

Elsewhere, other social media users instead congratulated Shirley on her impressive haul.

"I disagree. She may have saved these items from landfill. Can't stand food waste," wrote one.

A second penned: "Well done you. Some people just don't get it. If you were to go to places that you can bulk buy, that cheese would be in one blocks. So what's the difference in buying it in small blocks?

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We eat lots of cheese in our house and have sandwiches every day for four adults – the cheese would last just over a month, so it's like a month's shop. Would they be moaning if you paid full price?

A third enthused: "Good for you, cheese is expensive so if you see a good bargain snap it up. I can't believe so many people are being b****y over cheese, ignore them."

Another added: "I used to just take one or two reduced items, but after being in Asda on different occasions and seeing people take loads I now do the same! Well done on your bargains."

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