We’re a family of four living in a one-bed flat with a roommate – trolls tell me I have too many kids | The Sun

A MUM has shared how her family of four is sharing a one bedroom flat with a roommate.

The mum said she is trolled by haters for having so many kids in such a small space.

Annastasia Marie and her family of four live in California where rent prices are really high.

To help cut costs she says her family shares their one bedroom flat with a roommate.

The family converted their bedroom by placing a bed in the wardrobe to make space for the four of them to sleep.

Annastasia Marie shared a tour of the room in a TikTok video online.

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She said: “This is how we live as a family of four in a one bedroom apartment with a roommate.”

The mum confessed her son sleeps in a bunk bed whilst she and her husband share the master bed with their baby.

She said: “This is our bed. It had to go inside the closet to be able to fit in with our kids bed.”

Annastasia said she has been mum-shamed for having so many kids in such a small space.

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She said: “The amount of people that commented on my video and said I should have had to abortion when I had the chance it's just heartbreaking.”

“It's one of the worst things you can ever say to a mother. My kids are the best part of this life. I would never trade that for anything in this world.”


Annastacia says she tries to make her living room a welcoming space for her family but also her roommate and his guests.

She said: “Also a lot of people were saying why don't we just make the living room our bedroom and it's really simple. We have a roommate and sometimes he has his friends over, his mum over.”

“We don't want to just take the living room and make ours because it's supposed to be shared for everybody.”

Without a wardrobe Annastacia has had to get creative with storage, mainly using the space under her son's bunk bed for storage.

She said: “This is underneath my kids bed because we don't have a closet anymore. Our stuff is kind of out just everywhere so whatever possessions we have are in this bedroom.”

Anasatica said she was also criticised for sleeping with her baby instead of letting the baby sleep in a cot.

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She said: “Also a lot of people got angry because I bed share with my baby and they say that I could easily roll over on him.”

“I just want to say I'm a really really light sleeper. I really don't even sleep in the middle of the night. I stay awake most of the night feeding him so I know every movement that he makes and then in here.”

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