What you see first in new optical illusion reveals if you’re moody and vindictive or aware of your limits | The Sun

A NEW optical illusion has the power to reveal if you are moody and vindictive, or aware of your limits.

Depending what you see first will determine certain character traits.

The teaser comes from the ever-popular Psychology Love (@psychologylove100).

His mind tests have seen him grow a following of over 325,000 and another 2.8 million likes.

In this post, he posed a question alongside an image: “Are you a dreamer or a realist? What did you see first?" he asked.

"If you see a penguin first, chances are you’re a dreamer. Dreamers are generally drawn to the world of imagination and color."

They also had a lot of depth: “They’re more likely to dwell on the symbolism and hidden meanings of what they see."

The penguin tribe kept an open mind too: “You’re more likely to be open to new ideas and possibilities [and] tend to be imaginative and creative and take risks to pursue your dreams," he wrote.

The revelations kept on coming: “On the good side of your personality, is loyal, protective, intuitive, and caring."

But there was a but coming: "On the bad side are overly sensitive, moody, and vindictive."

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It was a very different story for those who saw a man's face first.

People in this group were, he said, realists: "[You] are mostly more attracted to facts and details."

He continued: “[You] more likely to focus on the present moment and possess a practical mindset."

Finally, he had lots to say about those who saw two faces in profile.

"We can expect the person to be more realistic, concrete, and pragmatic," he explained.

“He’ll be more aware of the circumstances and limits around him and make more thoughtful, rational decisions."

This was a more mindful group: “They will tend to focus on the present moment and take the necessary steps to achieve the goals.”

Commenters agreed with his summation, but not all of it.

“I’m definitely a dreamer," said this viewer.

While this fan reckoned: “I’m a dreamer but not vindictive.”

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But the final commenter had a conundrum: “What if you see a man with a penguin on his head.”

"You see the truth," said Psychology Love in conclusion.

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