What you see first in this optical illusion will reveal if you’re hardworking or pessimistic | The Sun

This optical illusion reveals with accuracy what kind of personality you have.

The mind-boggling image has gone viral on social media as it promises to reveal your deepest personality traits depending on what detail you spot first in the picture.

Mia Yilin shared the optical illusion and asked viewers what part of the image stood out to them as it can reveal if you're hardworking or pessimistic.

It shows a village path and hundreds of pebble stones, that confuse the eyes.

The TikToker revealed that spotting the thousands of pebbles first meant you life hasn't been smooth sailing lately.

She explained: "You’ve encountered a lot of disappointment and unexpected challenges."


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Fortunately, Mia revealed that you luck will be changing over the next month, not suddenly but gradually.

"You tend to have pessimistic thoughts and fail to give yourself the recognition and praise you deserve," she added.

But if you noticed the path leading up to the houses (which many claimed looked like train tracks) then it could mean you're incredibly hardworking.

Mia revealed: "You’ve gone through a lot of hardship that few people know about and those events have hardened you emotionally."

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People who spotted the path first always have the best intentions but can be painfully misunderstood by others.

While you may have also been having a difficult time, good things can come your way soon if you change your mind set.

"Good things are coming your way and you must make sure you’re in your best state to receive them," she added.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @mia_yilin was swamped with comments after going viral with over 300k views.

People were quick to share their results in the comments and couldn't believe how accurate the test was.

One person wrote: "Why are [these] things so accurate?"

Another commented: "100% accurate."

"Saw the second one, it's so true about me," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Every single video of yours is spot on. it's actually crazy."


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Someone else added: "You have been predicting my life with 99% accuracy."

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