Woman blows people away as she shows the incredible before and afters of her double chin fat dissolving injections | The Sun

THERE are all kinds of nips, tucks and treatments available these days so people can have the body they've always dreamed of.

Although these treatments come with their fair share of risks, one woman decided to take the plunge and get dissolving injections to get rid of her double chin.

The results were shared on social media by Jamilah Ainouche from JJ Vanity, the London-based clinic the woman used.

The aesthetician showed the before and after results of the procedure using 'Lemon Bottle fat dissolving' injections.

In the clip, which Jamilah shared on TikTok, she can be seen injecting the formula directly into the client's 'double chin'.

After repeating this process around her neck she lightly massaged the area to complete the treatment.



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Before the injections, the client's chin looked less defined compared the the after picture she then sent to Jahmelia seven days later.

"Girl wait 'til you see my jaw," she said in the text message she sent along with her impressive before and after snaps.

Undeniably, her jaw looked a lot more chiselled and the extra fat seemed to have vanished as well.

Jamillah noted in the comments of the video that the injections begin to work in just 24 hours, leaving some people impressed.

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Other beauty fans were wowed by her results too, especailly in such a short time.

One said: "Literally on my way to an appointment for this. My jaw better be jawing in a week."

Another wrote: "I've had two sessions now and can't see a difference."

"I've had one session and can't see any difference and that was three weeks ago," someone else agreed.

That said, fat dissolving injections aren't always smooth sailing, according to Harley Steet MD, there are plenty of possible side effects.

These include tenderness, redness, bruising and in rare cases lumps in the skin, nerve damage and infection.

Always consult a professional

  • Consult your doctor before going ahead with any treatment and be aware of the potential side effects.
  • According to the University College London research, only 32 per cent of cosmetic practitioners in the UK – that's fewer than one in three – are medical doctors.

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