Woman reveals how to ease painful sunburn by making cooling gel ice cubes – and it couldn’t be simpler – The Sun

THE temperatures are set to soar in the UK this week, so if you're not militant with applying your suncream, you may find yourself with a bit of sunburn.

Painful, red and itchy, sunburn really is one of the worse things to try and ignore – especially when it comes to taking a shower or trying to sleep at night.

But one savvy TikTok user has shared a great tip on how to be well prepared for all outcomes of those epic sunbathing sessions in the garden.

User @brooke.albarran has uploaded a clip to the social media site that includes a very straightforward tip.

She advises sun worshippers to take their favourite cooling or aftersun gel and transfer it into an ice cube tray.

After freezing, the cubes will be easy to rub on your sunburn anywhere on your body, and is sure to give you some light relief from the pain.

Even better is that you'll have several ice cubes left over – should you make the same mistake again.

TikTok users were quick to comment on the clip, with many suggesting the alternative of aloe vera gel – which is known for healing sunburnt skin.

One person decided to try and method though and commented: "My face is so burned skin is coming off but this helps thx!!"

Another satisfied sunbather wrote: "Ok I was out in the sun a few days ago and I got burned so bad I cried and now it's better."

However, several other TikTok users couldn't help but joke about mistaking the gel cubes for a normal ice cube and them ending up in their drink.

"I would be so dumb thinking it's a normal ice cube and eat it," one person said, while another added: "I did this for fun and I accidentally left it in the refrigerator and my mum put the gel in her drink!"

So if you're too paranoid to try the ice cube hack, here's some other top tips for relieving sunburn.

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