Woman shares £7.99 bargain that will help her keep her electricity bills down during cost of living crisis | The Sun

AN average tumble dryer costs around 77p every cycle that it runs.

So one woman was delighted when she found a new way to keep her laundry costs down – by buying a £7.99 electric clothes airer.

Gayle Taylor took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook to share the bargain she'd picked up from her local Aldi.

"Aldi £7.99 bargain I think roughly 8p per hour to run," she wrote alongside a picture of the airer.

"Much cheaper than my tumble dryer."

People were quick to comment on Gayle's post, with several insisting the airer isn't that effective.

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"Speaking from experience didn't find this that good," one wrote.

"Takes up lots of space and only dries the bits on the bars so you have to keep moving things around."

But someone else offered a hint on how to make the most of the device.

"Just a tip, if you put a sheet over it to use as a cover, washing will dry so much faster," she wrote.

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"I have the big lakeland one and it was useless without the cover, only dried the bits touching the bars.

"Once the cover was put on everything was dried in about 4 to 5 hours."

"It comes with a cover so will definitely use that to help speed up the drying," Gayle replied.

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Others pointed out that the airer is still retailing for £39.99 on the Aldi website, so Gayle getting it for £7.99 was a massive bargain.

"Very strange that £7.99 price. A great bargain," one wrote.

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