You have 20/20 vision if you can find the frog camouflaged among the rocks in under 15 seconds | The Sun

YOU have tip-top vision if you can find the frog camouflaged in this image.

But you only have a very brief 15 seconds to complete the task.

A successful mission, however, means you have 20/20 vision.

Not a lot of people can claim that level of visual acuity so you can congratulate yourself.

This video teaser comes from Blair Benjamin (@lookitsblair).

“Can you find the frog?” she asks, as the camera pans around a rocky riverside landscape.

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A word of warning: this little guy is tricky to spot.

Nature has served him well because he blends seamlessly into the background.

Camo frog is apparently nowhere to be seen.

One commenter was inclined to agree, but they did eventually manage to find the frog.

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“Definitely camouflage, but I see him," they said.

Meanwhile, other searchers continued to scratch their heads in sheer frustration.

If, by the time is up you still haven't found the cute amphibian, don't worry.

We've made it easy for you and have circled his location in the image below.

But perhaps your appetite for optical illusions has not yet been sated.

We have more for you to try. How about trying to find the four caterpillars hiding in the field of flowers.

The artist responsible for the image is Gergely Dudas Dudolf (@thedudolf).

He has a track record of producing similar scenes.

Based in Budapest, Hungary, he has created dozens of bewilderingly frustrating images, such as this one.

Again, we've taken the hard work out of your search if you haven't been able to find the wriggly creatures.

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Their location has been circled in red for you below.

Better luck next time.

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