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DO you like to think of yourself as a bit of a pro who can solve tricky puzzles in mere seconds? 

Now is the time to put that theory to the test as a new brain teaser has been released – and if you can do it in under 14 seconds, you’ll beat 90 per cent of other quizzers.

Thanks to SGS Engineering, people are being asked to locate the odd tile out in a blue and white ceramic tile pattern. 

Inspired by the Portuguese art of azulejos, the tiles – which are used in lots of bathrooms and kitchens – all look very similar. 

They include pretty patterns like birds, swirls and other intricate designs. 

But in the brain teaser, one of the tiles is a misfit and doesn’t follow the trend of the others. Can you spot it? 

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On average, it takes someone around 36 seconds to track down the tile in question.

However, if you can beat the clock and spot it in 14 seconds or under, you’ll be among the top statistic.

That’s because nine out of 10 people who look at the picture – a whopping 90 per cent – take longer than this.

Therefore, you’ll be in the elite top 10% and ready to take on any other brain teaser that’s thrown at you.

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If you’re having trouble, though, you might be in need of a clue to help focus your attention.

Avert your eyes on the bottom right hand corner of the tiled scene. 

Once there, you need to look at the third row up from the bottom where the difference will hopefully become clear. 

But if you’re still struggling to locate the tile, count three from the right and go up the same amount.

Now you’ll see that it’s easy to spot why it stands out from the crowd.

Instead of featuring a single bird like many of the other tiles that are covered in creatures, this has a very different animal at the centre.

The blue and white tile follows the colour pattern but includes four cats sitting together. 

Now if you’ve managed to succeed and are looking to flex your brain teaser muscle, once more, we have plenty for you to attempt. 

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