You’re making your bed wrong, I've worked in interior design for three years and it's one of five golden rules I learned | The Sun

AFTER working alongside interior designers for three years, one expert shared what she’s learned.

She had been making her bed wrong for most of her life.

One of the experts at the online design firm Havenly (@thehavenly) said her experience working with the pros has taught her a thing or two about a curated home.

“I’ve been working with interior designers for three years, and these are the things I learned,” she began in a clip.


She was surprised to find that the way she had been making her bed wasn’t up to standards.

“For a good portion of my life, I didn’t put any thought into making my bed.

“I would just stack my pillows and then stack nicer pillows in front. I thought that was what I was supposed to do,” she said, showing an image that exemplified her former method.

She soon discovered there’s a more luxe way to do it.

“Turns out, you’re supposed to lay down your sleeping pillows, stacked one on top of the other.”

The image she flashed showed the sleeping pillows flat on the mattress, with the decorative pillows standing in front of them.

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“And you’re supposed to fold over your duvet cover like this. It looks a lot better, it looks like you’re in a store and it makes a big difference.”


She also learned that “adding contrast” has a different meaning than she thought.

“Designers always say your home should have a lot of contrast, so when I first started working with them, I would think black and white.”

They don’t necessarily mean contrasting colors, though.

“It means in style.

“So, this very vintage, ornate mirror paired with these modern pieces of furniture, these modern silhouettes, is contrasting design styles, but paired together it looks really cool.”


She said your lighting makes a difference as well.

“All interior designers do not touch their overhead lights.”

Use lamps to set the mood instead.

“They want you to have like five lamps per room, and they don’t want you to even touch the light switch on your wall.

“They want every lamp on at all times and never want to see overhead lighting.”


And while you may think casual, cozy décor happens by accident, it does not.

“They love an ‘effortless’ blanket…[but] all of these blankets that you see, they take a lot of effort to get perfectly effortless.”


Her final piece of advice was to make a $28 Amazon purchase.

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“All designers have these little museum lights over artwork somewhere in their home, but pretty much none of them have actually installed lights like this in their home.

“They get them all on Amazon and they put LED lights on here and it’s just remote controlled.”

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