You’ve been microwaving your food all wrong – bowls aren’t supposed to go in the middle | The Sun

YOU probably think you've got microwaving your grub down to a T, but according to one food fan there's a major mistake you're making.

The mistake means your food is taking way longer to cook, which is never ideal.

Posting on TikTok, Sidney Raz explained why people have been getting it all wrong.

"Bowls and plates are supposed to go on the outside edge of the microwave tray," he said.

To prove his point, the food fan put two small bowls into the microwave together.

One went straight in the middle of the microwave plate, and the other was places closer to the edge.


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"Lets see which gets hotter," he said.

After a couple of minutes he pulled the both out, and immediately noted they were both pretty warm.

But when he tested the temperature of the soup in each bowl the one he placed at the edge of the microwave way definitely loads hotter.

"I guess that proves it," he noted.

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After sharing the clip on TikTok other foodies were amazed they didn't know the trick already.

One said: "I always wondered why my food never heats evenly."

But a second commented: "Depends on the microwave, our old one heated on the outside, the new one heats in the middle."

"Yes! Putting it on the outside lets it rotate to heat evenly," a third wrote.

Meanwhile, other people were more concerned by the fact Sidney tested the heat of each bowl of soup with his fingers, rather than a thermometer.

"Here I was expecting you to use a thermometer to test it, lol," one said.

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