10 Celebrities That Lost Millions Because Fans Canceled Them In 2021

Loyal fans and followers put a lot of trust in their favorite celebrities by watching out for all their social media updates and supporting their brands. With millions and millions of followers accessible with a single button-push, celebrities pack a whole lot of power and are able to influence the masses in mere seconds. As powerful as that may be, it also backfires on celebrities when celebrities slip up or act inappropriately. Their fans are instantly aware of their fumbles or their lapses of judgment, and these days, fans aren’t willing to tolerate anything that pushes the boundaries too far. They, too, have a lot of power as a group, and when millions of fans take offense to something a celebrity says or does, it’s inevitable that they will ‘cancel’ them without hesitation. Cancel culture has been prevalent in 2021, and some celebrities have messed up so badly, that they’ve lost millions of dollars.

10 DaBaby

Perhaps one of the most highly publicized celebrity cancelations of 2021 lies with DaBaby’s fall from grace. He took the stage at the Rolling Loud event in the summer of 2021 and addressed the masses with a highly offensive homophobic rant. The comments he made were so offensive to his fans that he was canceled almost instantly. Contracts that he had entered into began to drop off one after another, and he lost nearly an entire year’s worth of live concert contracts and payouts.

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9 Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson’s image has always reflected a dark, demon-like persona. That was great for selling records for decades, but in 2021, he was accused of heinous crimes against women, which included locking them up in a soundproof room and assaulting them. The first to come forward with these troubling accusations was none other than his former fiancee, Evan Rachel Wood. Since then, more than 12 women have come forward with similar stories. He was promptly canceled, and his career came to an abrupt end. His very own record label cut ties with Manson, leaving him without much hope of ever selling music again.

8 Travis Scott

When Travis Scott took the stage at his Astroworld event on November 5th, 2021, he had no idea his life would be forever changed. Concert goers stormed the barriers, and many innocent lives were lost as a result of the surge. There were reports that someone in the crowd was injecting innocent victims with an unknown substance that was making them drop to the ground. At last count, ten people lost their lives at this event, with a slew of others that had to be hospitalized. Sadly, when Travis Scott saw ambulances struggling to make their way through the thick crowd, he continued playing his set on stage, and now fans and music labels want nothing to do with him. He has lost millions of dollars from pulled contracts, including being displaced from his upcoming Coachella appearance. He is also being sued for over $2 billion.

7 Sia

Sia was one of the most adored songwriters and artists, but when she tried her luck in the movies, things backfired very quickly. During her directorial debut on the film Music, she was slammed by fans for her inaccurate portrayal of people with autism. She was under fire for having Maddie Ziegler playing the role of an autistic character. Maddie is Sia’s friend and protege, as well as the previous star of Dance Moms. She has appeared in a multitude of Sia’s music videos over the years. However, she is not autistic, and Sia is being held responsible for her failed representation of the autistic community. The movie bombed, and many of Sia’s fans dropped off her social media and refused to continue supporting the artist.

6 David Dobrik

5 Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen’s life would be much simpler if she would stop using social media. Her social media rants have been highly scrutinized after many messages surfaced that painted her in a very negative light. Teigen was quickly branded as a bully after many celebrities came forward with evidence of her sharp-tongued, aggressive, and downright hateful messages. When Courtney Stodden came forward to reveal that Teigen tried pushing her towards ending her own life, that was the last straw for Teigens’ fans. She lost many sponsors, Kris Jenner dropped her from their cleaning brand, Safely, and her once-loyal followers abandoned her.

4 Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan had an explosive year and wound up losing his job on Good Morning Britain, as well as any credibility he once had. He has always been vocal and controversial in his messaging, but this year, he became especially obsessive about his hatred towards Meghan Markel and took his fixation too far. After repeated slandering of the former Duchess, he cornered off in a heated, on-set altercation with his colleague, Alex Beresford. Once again, unable to control his emotions, Morgan wound up losing his huge contract of employment and the respect of his former fans.

3 Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf has struggled with his mental health and addictions for quite some time, but this year, the walls seemed to close in around him. Previous accusations by his former girlfriend FKA Twigs began to haunt him, and he admitted to self-harm and presented crass and unbalanced behavior in public spaces. With a number of sexual allegations piled up against the star, he was dropped by the CAA, and Netflix pulled him from Pieces Of A Woman. One by one, his contracts were pulled as he continued to spiral out of control.

2 Matt Damon

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Matt Damon’s cancelation was a bit unique. He seemed to cancel himself by talking too much. He was flying under the radar perfectly well when for some reason, he felt the need to announce that he had previously used the “F” word in relation to the LGBTQ community. He went on to unnecessarily reveal that his young daughter was the one to correct his inappropriate and derogatory use of the word. By publicizing something that could have easily remained behind closed doors, he effectively revealed his own inadequacies to his fans, which quickly put him on 2021’s cancelation list.

1 Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer was once a successful actor that was on top of his game, but he has irrevocably fallen off that pedestal. His very own texts got him into trouble, as they reflected highly offensive and troubling sexual violence and… human cannibalism. The disturbing revelations of his sordid life behind closed doors was far too much for fans to handle, and the once highly-esteemed actor that demanded millions for each role has now effectively canceled his own career.

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