Celebrity-ville will never fail to amuse us with their body modifications to fit a set standard of perfection. Simple professions that were not as prestigious before have now become a booming industry. An example is dentistry. A surge of teeth transformation has sprung the dentistry profession to the forefront of lucrative careers, especially in the big cities. Everyone is now joining dentistry school. People are coughing up $2,000 for a veneer on a single tooth. Teeth whitening, laser treatments and any teeth-related service are equally expensive affairs. It’s no wonder insurance doesn’t cover dental work. Below is a look at the most expensive teeth transformations that celebrities have undergone for these picture perfect teeth.

10 Cheryl Chloe

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Cheryl’s teeth were initially a mix of crooked and pointy teeth. This has however been replaced by a straight, white and better-shaped set of porcelain veneers. Chloe spent $500 per tooth and totalled an approximate of $10,000 for the entire transformation. The magical touch came to be at the Pearl Dental clinic in London. Chloe now rocks a bedazzling smile on the red carpet.

9 Hillary Duff

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The “Lizzie McGuire” actress installed porcelain crowns in 2005 as her career peaked. However, she got incorrect sizes which eagle-eyed critics dragged her with. In 2008, she changed her teeth crowns to give her a snow-white beauty smile. Duff spent $10k each time. She is now the content owner of a magazine-cover type of smile.

8 Zac Efron

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When he first appeared in High School Musical, Efron had a wide gap between his front teeth. It gave him a high school feature that really served his character. This has since been eliminated by using invisible braces to give him a grown man face. He has also had a teeth whitening procedure to give him the famous grin he now bears. The actor allegedly spent $10,000 on both the straightening and teeth whitening.

7 Demi Moore

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The actress has allegedly spent over $20,000 on veneers and laser teeth whitening. She did not have appallingly bad teeth, rather she wanted to change their color and shape. The chosen veneers have awarded her a uniform bright smile. She is a red carpet stopper with that smile.

6 Cardi B

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“I got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you h**** know it ain’t cheap.” Famous rapper Belcalis “Cardi B ” Almanzar was not kidding with the lyrics. According to her dentist Dr. Catrise Austin, Cardi B coughed up $12,500 for primarily porcelain veneers. She advises people to follow suit if they are unhappy with the current state of their teeth.

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5 Julia Roberts

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The “Sex and the City” actress has bewildered many with her smile. But the appreciation belongs to a talented dentist. Julia has spent an approximate $15,000 on veneers. They gave her an elongated and straight teeth style, resulting in a flawless smile.

4 Ben Affleck

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Previously, he had unevenly spaced crooked teeth. To turn the situation around, Affleck installed porcelain veneers and fitted dental crowns. He also underwent a rigorous whitening procedure. The total cost of these procedures? Approximately $20,000. Today, the famous “Batman” actor bears a standard ‘Hollywood smile’ that captures many.

3 Tom Cruise

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He is perhaps known for performing his own stunts, but Tom Cruise also has a captivating smile. There is a talented dentist behind this artwork. A young Tom Cruise graced our screens in the 1980s with crooked teeth. However, since his role as Mission: Impossible’s Ethan Hunt, Cruise has rocked almost perfect teeth. This award-worthy smile cost him $30,000 so show better appreciation for it, will you?

2 George Clooney

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George Clooney has aged gracefully before our eyes. His smile takes the biggest part in this youthful look. The good news is you too can get it because it is sold. George Clooney bought his at $30,000 by paying $1000 per tooth. One veneer after the other, Clooney fitted tens of thousands of dollars into his mouth. He also underwent laser treatment to expose his natural teeth more. Clooney was able to go from a crooked smile to a head-turning smile. So, save up and transform yours.

1 Victoria Beckham

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Victoria Beckham is an enviable woman on beauty standards. Beckham owes part of that prestige to a $40,000 cosmetic dentistry. In her former look, Beckham had a crooked smile and a wide gap between her upper front molars. She had veneers installed and followed up with teeth whitening procedures for a brighter smile. Beckham has since managed to shine her way into Hollywood hearts. If I spent all that on teeth, I would smile till kingdom come.

Most of us have body insecurities. The good news is that beauty standards set by Hollywood have led to a body transformation cosmetic industry. You can transform any part of your body to fit your contentment, including your teeth. Celebrities before and after pictures are a reference point of the power of teeth transformation. Of course, the important thing is to visit a professional dentist to fit your size accordingly. This will spare you from bringing an even more disastrous smile to yourself. But I hope you know, it ain’t cheap.

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