10 Celebrities With Eco-Friendly Businesses

Celebrities are frequently powerful role models who advocate sustainability while recognizing Mother Earth, a fantastic world to live on. However, as our planet struggles with issues like the climate crisis, plastic pollution, and deforestation, we are reminded of how precarious life on earth can be and how urgently the ecosystem must be protected. And although while one could believe that one person’s positive shift is insufficient, it actually serves as the catalyst for change. You’ll want to add items from these ethical brands to your online shopping basket the next time, and you’ll feel good about it.

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10 Robin Wright

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Pour Les Femmes is a distinctive collection of sleepwear that strikes a balance between opulent comfort and social concern. It was launched in 2014 by actor and activist Robin Wright and her friend designer Karen Fowler. Its primary goal is to give back, consistent with Robin’s continuous humanitarian activities in Africa. She initially visited the Congo as part of the Enough Project, where she got a firsthand look at the situation. In areas of distress, she encountered amazing women who needed a voice. She has advocated in Washington for more than ten years on behalf of Congo war victims. She and Karen decided to use one of their loves, sleepwear, to create a line that would give women in conflict areas employment as a way to advance this cause.

9 Rosario Dawson

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Rosario Dawson, who plays Jessica Jones in the Marvel comics, is a real-life heroine because she and Abrima Erwiah formed Studio 189, a business that supports and promotes African businesses, handicrafts, and traditional methods. The high-end fashion label’s creations are produced in Africa by talented weavers, batik artists, and other traditional craftspeople. Studio 189 uses its platform to empower people in Africa through job development, education, skill training, and artisanal collaborations. Dawson and Erwiah are currently looking into the total sustainability of their products as the brand expands. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the company has begun manufacturing face masks utilizing sustainable materials like organic cotton.

8 Drew Barrymore

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The Never Been Kissed actress Drew Barrymore started her own home products company, Flower Home, and a beauty line, Flower Beauty, in addition to being an animal rights activist. All the cosmetics are made in the United States to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and transportation. In addition to being genuine and safe, the products are reasonably priced and consumer-friendly. Customer testimonials are faultless and outstanding.

7 Jessica Alba

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The actress is the creator of The Honest Company, which offers green products for moms and newborns. According to the legend, Alba washed some of her gifts using a well-known detergent brand in 2008 following her baby shower for her first child, Honor. Immediately, she developed unsightly red welts. She devoted the ensuing years to studying the consumer products industry. It was unsettling to see the list of ingredients in everyday goods. She even made it to Washington, DC, where she lobbied for revised legislation to amend the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976.

6 Millie Bobby Brown

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The Stranger Things star is reaching a younger generation of future environmentalists with her brand Florence by Mills. The PETA-certified, ethical and cruelty-free label features skincare and makeup that are good for you and the planet. It is Brown’s first solo project outside the world of acting. While Florence by Mills was named among the most popular brands, founder Millie Bobby Brown is among the most influential personalities in the beauty industry, alongside Huda Kattan, creator of Huda Beauty, and Kylie Jenner for her Kylie Cosmetics line.

5 Woody Harrelson

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The 51-year-old award-winning actor is well-known for his advocacy in addition to movies like Zombieland. His business, Step Forward Paper, produces paper using a wood fiber alternative to a tree pulp made up of 80% wheat-straw waste. To conserve trees, he has introduced a line of environmentally friendly paper. According to the actor, consumers will save one tree by switching from two packs of conventional paper to their product. Retailer Staples will sell the range in the US.

4 Katie Holmes

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American actress Katie Holmes uses Alterna Hair Care, a natural hair care brand that she loved so much that she joined the firm as a co-owner, to keep her hair looking healthy. Throughout her multi-year partnership with Alterna, Holmes will impart her creative and consumer insights to the company to motivate salon and retail partners and help the brand maintain and develop its devoted consumer base worldwide. Instead of using harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens, Alterna uses natural and organic components. It benefits the environment and hair.

3 Nikki Reed

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The jewelry line BaYou with Love, owned by the actress Nikki Reed, features necklaces, rings, and other pieces that will make you feel good about what you’re wearing. Nikki Reed is an actress best known for her roles in Thirteen and The Twilight Saga. The actress has her own recycled jewelry firm called Bayou With Love. Over the past several years, she has collaborated with some sustainability initiatives, animal rights groups, and eco-conscious brands. However, the actress is also a dedicated environmentalist and animal lover.

2 Pharrell Williams

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The Grammy Award-winning musician joined forces with Bionic Yarn, a business that works with companies like G-Star Raw and recycles materials from marine debris. Our waters are home to 8 million metric tons of floating plastic garbage annually. Pharrell Williams is motivated to take action. The material engineering company aims to turn coastal and marine plastic into premium textiles and polymers. It has worked with well-known companies like Timberland, Burton, and H&M. Additionally, it collaborated with G-Star RAW on a project to create traditional blue jeans from waste ocean plastic.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow

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The company Goop, which provides eco-friendly skincare, makeup, and other products, is owned by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The business offers a wide selection of products to promote eco-friendliness and guidance on eco-friendly living practices. Paltrow expresses her love for environmental protection with the 2008-founded Goop. Furthermore, Goop hosts Wellness Summits. The first wellness summit was in 2017; there have been 8 more since then. These summits aim to encourage natural beauty products’ usage and spread environmental conservation awareness.

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