10 Times Sports Teams Were Rewarded Handsomely After Wins


While individual sports have their fair share of a fan base, sports games have always been more popularized worldwide. From international games in which players represent their countries to national leagues that offer a glance at the talent within the country. Sports and emotions are always intertwined with people of all ages, gender, and backgrounds enjoying a good game on the television screen or the field. Emotions run high after a team wins, and the celebrations also lead to the showering of presents before and after the victories. Many players worldwide show their appreciation through gifts, while governments do not hesitate to give athletes extravagant presents.

From the prince of Saudi Arabia giving each soccer player a Rolls-Royce to the winning team receiving a $20 million trophy at the FIFA Cup, let’s look at the most expensive items rewarded to sports teams after wins.

10 Rolls-Royce For Each Player In The Saudi Arabia Football Team- $450,000


The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has led to many historic moments. One of the most surprising matches was when Saudi Arabia beat Argentina 2-1 in a nail-biting match. According to HypeBeast, the Saudi Arabian government announced a public holiday the following day to celebrate the win. Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud reportedly announced that he would gift each player a Rolls-Royce.

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9 Stanley Cup- $650,000

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Dating back to 1892, the Stanley Cup is the oldest rewarded trophy in team sports for ice hockey. The trophy is named after the Government General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Presto. The tournament involves teams from the United States and Canada participating in intense matches. The current team to hold the trophy is Colorado Avalanche.

8 Andy Robertson’s Gift Box- $250,000


Along with his successful soccer career playing with Liverpool, Andy Robertson also represents Scotland. The Scottish football team competed in the Euro Cup in 2020 after 23 years, and Robertson commemorated their future wins with a gift box rewarded to each player and support staff. Each box consisted of Johnny Walker Blue Label Whiskey, Bang & Olufsen headphones, and an Apple watch.

7 Erling Haaland’s Rolex Watches As Gifts- $495,000


Erling Haaland had a long-standing partnership with the Borussia Dortmund soccer team before he moved base to Manchester City in 2022. Before leaving for the other club, Haaland celebrated the team’s successful season with gifts for the players and support staff. The soccer player gave 33 Rolex watches to the team with custom engravings, as noted by Daily Mail.

6 Vince Lombardi Trophy- $50,000

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Another trophy that holds special significance in America is the Vince Lombardi Trophy, awarded to the winning team at the NFL Super Bowl. Tiffany & Co. designed the trophy, named after coach Vince Lombardi who led the Green Bay Packers to win the first two NFL games. The two-foot-tall trophy takes four months to be completed and is made from sterling silver.

5 FIFA World Cup Trophy- $20 million


Soccer is the most watched sport in the world, with the FIFA World Cup bringing millions of viewers to its stadiums and home screens to watch teams compete. As mentioned by GQ, FIFA Trophy is the most expensive trophy in the world and is made from 18-carat gold weighing 13.5 pounds. Late Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga designed the trophy that showcases two hands holding a globe.

4 BMWs For All Indian Olympic Team Winners- $1.09 million


Many government and private institutions give generous gifts to Olympic winners in India, and the 2016 Rio Olympics was no different. The two medal winners: PV Sindhu for Badminton and Sakshi Malik for Wrestling, were each gifted a BMW X1. Gymnast Dipa Karmakar and coach P Gopichand were also gifted similar models for their contribution to the Olympics.

3 ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy- $30,000


Made from gold and sterling silver, the ICC World Cup Trophy is given to the winning team every four years at the One-Day International Tournament. The design of the current trophy has remained unchanged since 1999, and it takes two months to create it. Each winning country has its name engraved at the bottom, and the original trophy remains at ICC’s Dubai office.

2 Sergio Aguero’s Gift To Manchester City- $396,000


Sergio Aguero is considered to be one of Manchester City’s greatest players, and he always appreciates the team and support staff. Before departing the club in 2021, he celebrated the club’s wins through gifts. He gave each player a Tag Heuer or a Hublot watch with the engraving of the words Gracias! Kun Aguero. He also raffled off his Range Rover, given to a kit team member.

1 FA Cup Trophy- $1 million

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The FA Cup is one of the oldest tournaments in soccer held for domestic football teams in England. The sturdy sterling silver trophy is made from 6.3 kg of silver and was designed in 1992 as its fourth version. Along with the million-dollar trophy, winners also receive $2 million in prize money and gold medals, as stated by the Mirror.

Other soccer tournaments also present expensive trophies, often made from sterling silver or gold. As the pressures rise for the win, the victory of the rewards is even sweeter for the team. With the FIFA World Cup raging, it won’t be surprising to see if more countries shower their team players with over-the-top gifts.

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