Adult star horrified as fake accounts convince fans shell marry them for money

A cam girl has jumped to the defence of her fans after finding out hundreds of fake accounts have been imitating her to scam thousands from her loyal subscribers.

Lola Mason, who posts online as MamaPlugs, is known for creating X-rated content online and sharing videos of her Brazillian Butt Lift on her social media.

However, the OnlyFans star, who has worked in the porn industry for 10 years, has been forced to issue a warning to her legion of followers after a devastated fan informed her he'd been scammed.

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Lola claims there have been around a hundred of fake accounts made on social media that imitate her and talk to her followers.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: "I've had at least 100 fake accounts of me made in the last year.

"Main concern is that they're actively trying to steal my identity, messaging my followers, creating false stories to get them to send them money.

"One fake messaged someone saying I had a dying aunt in Texas and that they needed £2000, well for one I'm British and I've never been to Texas!

"I've had men message me accusing me of standing them up at clubs because they matched with a fake on Tinder and they sent the fake taxi money, I've seen men send iTunes gift cards to fakes.

"I had one really bad fake that scammed someone out of thousands because the fake convinced the person they loved them and was going to move and marry them!"

The model said that the fan had messaged her real account after realising he had been speaking to an imitator and had given the money over.

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"I know a few people have fallen for similar messages and I'm left with a mess to sort," she added.

"I've managed to get multiple accounts removed but they're made as quickly as I'm getting them taken down. I've had to get the police involved a few times."

Lola went on to say that the issue is affecting many people in the sex industry and is causing stress over something that's "out of their control".


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