Angelina Pivarnick Talks Dating 'Vinny 2.0,' Her 'Spicy' DMs and Baby Plans (Exclusive)

"I get D-pics on the regular."

Angelina Pivarnick’s marriage to Chris Larangeira is finally behind her — and she’s been searching through her own DMs to meet new guys.

Following her divorce, Angelina’s adventures as a single woman are once again front and center on the new season of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.” Just-released footage from the upcoming episodes show her introducing the gang to a new beau, who she’s dubbed “Vinny 2.0” and who she met online.

“People think he’s a 19-year-old that lives in my garage and I’m like, what?!” said Pivarnick, who apparently supplied that misinformation herself last season. “Did you see that episode where I said he’s 19. He’s not 19, he’s in his 30s and we call him Vinny 2.0, put it that way.”

While viewers will have to tune in to see whether the apparent proposal from Vinny 2.0 is the real deal, she tells TooFab he’s just one of the many guys in her DMs on social media.

“I get D-pics on the regular. I open them and go, ‘Whoa!’ Okay, that’s not how you get a girl,” she exclaimed. “I don’t understand what these guys are doing, what they think, but my DMs are flooded and they’re spicy. A couple have had verified checks and stuff, like, okay, I know that guy from this place and that reality show.”

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As her costars all start settling down and having children — Mike, Deena and JWoww all have two, Snooki has three and both Pauly D and Ronnie have one kid each — Angelina said seeing them become parents has shifted her perspective on motherhood as well.

“There’s times I’m like, alright, I really want a baby because I am getting older,” she said. “Their lives are crazy. It’s hard being a mom and filming. I don’t have that aspect of it. Sometimes I feel like I really want it and times I’m like, okay, maybe not. Not right now. I go back and forth.”

“I have to really come to a choice, do I want this? You only have a certain amount of time as a woman,” she said, before noting that advances have made it possible for women to have children later in life. “My gynecologist was like, ‘You got more time, you’re good girl!’ I’m only 36. Everyone’s like, ‘We’re so old.’ I don’t feel old, so I’m not old. Let’s be realistic, Janet Jackson had a baby when she was 50.”

While she doesn’t necessarily want that either, she’s happy for now being “the crazy aunt that gives the baby back once it starts crying.”

Check out the interview below to see what else she had to say about dealing with haters out in public — including one who threw a beer at her once — and her hopes for future seasons of “Jersey Shore.”

“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” returns tonight on MTV.

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