Are these the world’s most intimidating animals?

A real scaredy-cat! From menacing meerkats to a terrifying tortoise these creepy creatures will give you nightmares

  • A series of photos collated in online gallery by Bored Panda shows scary animals
  • People from around world sent in frightening snaps, including plotting meerkats
  • Other photographs feature a super strong tortoise and an ominous parrot

The web is filled with adorable snaps of puppies chasing after sticks or kittens playing with balls of string.  

However, these photographs, sent in from people around the world and collated in a terrifying online gallery by Bored Panda, show the more intimidating side of even the cutest-looking animals.

From a tortoise breaking through the wall to a creepy cow peering through a house window, these animals have some of the most threatening auras around.       

FEMAIL has selected the creepiest snaps which are bound to turn even the toughest of cookies into the biggest of scaredy-cats!

Holy cow! Anyone would get the fright of their life seeing this moo-dy animal looking through the window

Bird watcher! If this ominous-looking parrot is anything to go by, it’s not just the lightening that may strike…

Evil eyes! It’s hard to tell whether this herd are just acting the goat – or are really out for revenge…

Scared-y cat! Is there anything that looks more possessed than an upside down cat clinging to  curtain? No, thought not! 

Meercat meeting! It seems this terrifying five-some are plotting some sort of revenge – and the red light is definitely adding extra effect

Break through! We wouldn’t have wanted to be a fly on the wall when this tortoise made his great escape…

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Cat under the mat! If looks could kill….there’d be no one left on the planet! 

Here comes chickie!  This hen certainly doesn’t sit on the fence, it stares through it – and rather intensely, too! 

Sealed fate! This seal closely watches ANYONE who walks by…and it’s beyond disturbing

Feline freaky! One pet owner saw their precious cat in a completely new light after this terrifying photograph was taken

Clawing back! This creepy cat looks like it’s directly related to Gollum from Lord of the Rings  

Winged it! The light behind this pigeon gives its powerful stance a whole new meaning!

Cats eyes! You’d feel pretty intimated if you went to rustle up dinner and was greeted by five hungry cats instead… 

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