Big Brother Blowout: Final Four Revealed, Will New HOH Finally Break Up The Minutemen?

After either Cirie or Felicia head to the Jury House, a new Head of Household is crowned on Big Brother, creating an opportunity to shake up the Final Four and change the seemingly inevitable Minutemen end.

Things are shifting rapidly in the Big Brother house as we sit exactly one week away from the two-hour live finale, next Thursday night. Before this live eviction, though, five became four and a new Houseguest rose to power.

Only Matt, as outgoing HOH, was unable to play in tonight’s HOH competition, leaving him out of power and control since he first won HOH last week. Ultimately, there was nothing he could do to change what happened tonight.

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Matt put up Cirie and Felicia last week with the latter his target. But Jag has been the one running this game and a Matt HOH at this point was just perfect. Not only did it free him up to play in this week’s HOH competition, it also kept Matt from voting, so long as it was unanimous.

That was good news for Jag, who is playing a ruthlessly cutthroat game, because he was already planning to betray his Minutemen ally. And the first step to do that was to eliminate someone closer to Matt than him. In Jag’s perfect world, it was time for Mama Cirie to go.

Bowie is already his loyal-to-a-fault acolyte, agreeing to everything he says or does. Matt might bristle a bit, but Jag has thus far been able to persuade him of everything he wants. So he set out to convince Matt to make a move bad for his (Matt’s) game.

Ultimately, he and Bowie could vote Cirie out without Matt, but he was trying to burn that bridge because he still wanted Matt to take him to the end, if he didn’t have control of that himself. Jag is covering all his bases at every turn.

We’re just not sure if this one will work, regardless if Matt agrees to let Cirie go. That’s because secretly and privately, both Matt and Jag have been floating the idea of burning the other before the Final 2. Jag would love to sit next to Bowie Jane, because who respects Bowie Jane?

Matt has been a little more secretive about what he wants. He’s said he’d love to sit next to Cirie, which is probably true. Could he win over her? It would be a lot harder than sitting next to Bowie Jane, but it could be done. Can he win next to Jag? Honestly, he’s built a pretty strong case for himself.

But that’s exactly why Jag didn’t want to give him that opportunity. And that’s exactly why Jag wanted to cut him off at the knees by getting rid of someone who would support him in this game. In Jag’s world, Cirie had to go.

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Dramatic Fakeout

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When the vote is obvious, BB producers love to throw up a segment to try and give us a shred of doubt. This week, they pulled out a sequence where Jag was running in the backyard and joked that he was an Olympian.

Felicia jumped on this, in hopes of building a wedge between Matt and Jag, running to Matt and telling him that Jag and Bowie have been making fun of him. When he said that he couldn’t hear because of his disability, she said that she could hear for him and it was happening.

She did not, however, clarify what was said, hoping that his imagination might paint something much worse. What she failed to take into account (as she’s done again and again and again) is that Matt runs to Jag and tells him everything.

Plus, in this case, with his feelings hurt, he definitely wanted clarity. Jag denied ever making fun of Matt, and probably didn’t even remember the incident in question or think of it as making fun of him. For all that he’s ready to cut Matt in the game, they are genuine friends and we don’t see it happening.

Instead, Felicia ended up burning her own relationship with the Mafia alliance of Matt, Jag, and Bowie as they shared the story and decided it was pretty disgusting. Matt declared that he wanted her out for doing such a thing, but we all knew that Jag would only separate personal from game so far.

In the end, and with zero surprise from anyone watching, Cirie was sent out the door just one week shy of finale night. That a Survivor legend with her social resume made it this far is pretty damned amazing and says a lot about her persuasive skills, considering she won absolutely nothing in the house.

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Final Four HOH

With that, the Final Four was solidified with the Mafia and Mama Fe hanging in there. She will need a miracle to hang in there much longer. This week’s Head of Household competition was another memory game. Cirie has been pretty solid in these, and certainly stronger than Fe. Did they make the right decision?

Pretty quickly, and with Matt looking on, Jag and Bowie began to pull away from Felicia, until in the end they landed with a tied score. The competition saw them having to remember details in a four-page Chenbot comic book, which was silly and fun.

The tiebreaker once again created an unexpected HOH winner out of Bowie Jane, who’s won all three of her comps in these booths. This time, her guess was slightly higher than Jag as to how many seconds from the moment the transmission brought down the Luxury Comp to when it ended (in seconds). Both were way too low.

And just like that, Bowie Jane punched her ticket to finale night, leaving her Mafia allies and Felicia to fight for the scraps. The big question at this point is who will win the Power of Veto, because right now, it’s not looking god for Matty Ice.

With Bowie Jane firmly in Jag’s pocket, and Jag ready to take Matt out, all the pieces are in place. Bowie will surely nominate Felicia for a record-setting eighth time alongside Matt, for his first. Then, she and Jag will hope that one of them wins Veto and the other will vote Matt out.

Does Matt knew that his alliance is basically over and he’s on his own in this house? It doesn’t seem like it, but Mama Fe will definitely continue trying to get him to see that supporting Jag blindly is going to send him out the door. If she can do it, it could be two on two.

If Matt or Felicia can win the Veto, that would put Jag on the Block and give the other of those two the chance to take a shot and get Jag out of the game. That would be the biggest move of the season and an incredible buff to their resumes.

If Matt wins the Veto, Jag will pull every trick he’s got out of his hat to try and convince him not to use it. But if Felicia is the target, as they will lie and tell him she is, why would it matter if Jag or Matt sat next to her? We know Matt has been blind to Jag’s levels of duplicity this season, but we can’t fathom he’d leave himself on the block if he won Veto. If he did, he’d deserve to go home.

For Matt’s game, It all comes down to the Veto. This week, it should be either him or Jag going home. Bowie winning Head of Household is actually bad news for both of them as it creates more risk in their games. They each really need this Veto win to secure their safety — and probably take the other one out.

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Jury Reunions

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Boy, you can read a lot about how people feel when you look at their body language. We caught up quickly with the Jury House, as first Cory and then Blue and America (from the double eviction) joined Cameron.

America proved once again that for all of her intelligence she has no read on people or how this game is played, when she suggested that Bowie was oblivious that America would get voted out when she put her on the block.

Cameron told her that Bowie absolutely knew and that it was the plan. As soon as he started talking, though, she looked away. Now, we know there’s a lot of history between these two, but wow was she not even interested in hearing him out. And wow, was he right and she was so wrong.

It should make for an interesting vote from her if she doesn’t quite get the subtle nuances and moves that make up this game. For all she was willing to blatantly lie, America was not a very good strategic player. It’s a good thing she had Cory.

As for Cory, he kept that awful mustache and he got the girl, with America immediately throwing herself into his arms. They are cute together, so we might actually get two relationships out of this season if Reilly/Matt is to be believed. We shall see on finale night!

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Houseguest Report Cards

Felicia Cannon (63, real estate agent) doesn’t stand the strongest chance of winning the season, but we’re putting her at the top for this episode because we really believe it’s going to come down to Matt or Jag going home this week, depending on who wins the Veto. If Felicia or Matt (the likely nominees) win, Jag should go. If Jag or Bowie wins, Matt will go. Either way, Felicia is likely a lock for finale night, and between her and Bowie Jane, she stands a better chance of winning this game with her incredible eight nominations and overall underdog story. [Grade: B-]

Bowie Jane Ball (46, barrister/DJ) will be at finale night, and she is building a slight resume. She also stands to bolster it a bit more with either Matt or Jag going home this week under her HOH reign. That said, she’ll have an uphill battle convincing a jury to give her the vote simply because she floated more than half the season and then just aligned herself to the Minutemen. She needs to be able to articulate her own moves, and we’re not sure she’ll be able to do that. [Grade: C+]

Jag Bains (25, truck company owner) is one more Veto win from setting all-time comp records and cutting his longest ally — and the game who saved him from eviction months ago — from the game. It’s a cold-hearted move that he thinks will guarantee him a win over Bowie Jane or Felicia, but we’re not so sure. We’re not sure the Jury would respect this betrayal after he burned them all as it would prove he was loyal to no one. But then again, they might. [Grade: C]

Matthew Klotz (27, deaflympics gold medalist) comes in slightly lower than Jag because he’s slightly less likely to actually pull off this Veto win. Will he know he needs this win to save his game? After Cirie’s eviction against his wishes, we have a feeling he knows the writing is on the wall. Plus, he’s been ready to cut Jag, too, so it’s not like he’s innocent. In the end, Matt’s resume is almost as impressive and this will be his first nomination all season, so his social game has been far superior to Jag’s. If he can fight his way to the end, he could win, but he’s going to have to fight the whole way. [Grade: C-]

Cirie Fields (53, nurse) did everything she could, but she was just next on Jag’s hit list. Jag might well have taken Matt out this week had he been able to do so. Matt is surely next as he tries to make his easiest path to the end. Cirie had an incredible run considering her resume and even controlled this game for the first several weeks. She never got a chance to build a resume (never getting picked for Veto and playing fewer competitions than anyone), but also never won when she needed to pull one out. [Grade: F]

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Jury Chatter

  • “I am such a fan of Jag. He overcame a lot of things from the very beginning, and the adjustments that he made took him very deep into the game.” –Cameron (in DR)
  • “If you say it, I’m gonna push you in the pool.” –Cory (arriving)
  • “I’m not gonna say it. But it rhymes with ‘I told you so.'” –Cameron
  • “My baby!” –America (hugging Cory on arrival)
  • “He’s in a position where he has to win every competition to get to the end. And he might just do it.” –Cory (about Jag)
  • “She’s like, ‘I promised Cirie I wouldn’t put her up.’ I said, ‘And? You put me up next to Felicia, I’m going home.’ She’s so unaware of everything, it’s insane.” –America (about Bowie)
  • “She knew. She knew. You’re the plan. Plan, plan, plan.” –Cameron (pointing to each of them)
  • “Her not seeing that keeping Matt and Jag isn’t good for her, it’s just stupid.” –America (about Bowie)
  • “It just ends her game.” –Cory
  • “One of them’s going to win Final 3 HOH and they’re gonna have to make a decision to certainly win or maybe 50/50 win.” –Cory (about Matt or Jag maybe bringing Bowie to Final 2 or facing each other)

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House Chatter

  • “I think Cirie is more likely to win a competition and more likely to cut me over Matt and Bowie. I want to vote her out but I want to get Matt on board.” –Jag (in DR)
  • “I wanna feel like I’m okay, but my Cirie senses say, don’t get too sure lady.” –Cirie (in DR)
  • “For the first time, I’m not gonna say nothing. Shut up, Felicia.” –Felicia (after nominations)
  • “Cirie going is good for my game, but I don’t think it’s smart for Matt’s game at all. I need to convince Matt to make a move that helps me more than it helps him.” –Jag (in DR)
  • “I know I want Cirie here. I honestly don’t think she would target me. I know she would target Jag and Bowie first before me.” –Matt (in DR)
  • “We tell them both that they’re good and then we textbook blindside Cirie’s ass.” –Jag (to Matt and Bowie)
  • “I just hope I can count on your vote.” –Cirie (to Bowie)
  • “Yeah. Absolutely.” –Bowie (after a very pregnant pause)
  • “I did cross country in high school. And track. And soccer. And I’m an Olympian, too.” –Jag (to Felicia running around the backyard)
  • “That’s kind of like a lowkey insult to Matt. And lately I’m seeing him spend a lot less time with Matt and all his time with Bowie Jane. … I’m clear that Jag sees Bowie Jane as a much better Final 2 than Matty Ice.” –Felicia
  • “Felicia was saying those guys are being mean to you. You didn’t hear.” –Matt (to Jag)
  • “Bro, that’s f–ked up.” –Jag
  • “If that’s her angle, then personally I would be like, ‘Can you guys vote 1-1 and then I can vote her out.” –Matt (to Bowie and Jag)
  • “For me, Big Brother is harder.” –Cirie (comparing BB and Survivor)

Big Brother concludes with another live eviction Sunday at 10pm ET, a recap and Part 1 of the final HOH competition Tuesday at 8pm ET, and a live two-hour finale on Thursday at 8pm ET on CBS.

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