Boyfriend's list of pros and VERY disgusting cons for his girlfriend

Boyfriend’s VERY harsh list of pros and cons for his ‘amazing’ girlfriend divides thousands – from weight gain to a bizarre dental habit

  • A young man has revealed a scathing pros and cons list for his girlfriend 
  • He said they had been together 12 months but she had ‘lost her way’ 
  • He complained she put on weight and refused to shave or wax at all 
  • Kyle and Jackie agreed he should break up with his girlfriend immediately 

A young man claims his girlfriends compulsion to sniff dental floss after each use, drastic weight gain and refusal to shave has him rethinking their relationship.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS recently Liam ran through a scathing list of pros and cons and admitted his main aversion to dumping his girlfriend is ‘trying to find a new one’.

The pros and cons segment began with all of the things he loves about his partner of one year, including her large boobs, and her ability to ‘look hot but not sl**ty’.

A man has shared his pros and cons list with KIIS radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O and says his girlfriend getting along with his mum is her best quality 

‘She loves my mum and my mum loves her,’ he wrote on top of the list and explaining later that a good family connection is important to him. 

‘I want my family to like my girlfriend – is something more spiritual like family going to trump the fatness of her,’ he asked.

Liam said his girlfriend is a great cook and makes him lunch every day, has a cute dog and is amazing at buying presents.

‘She gives great massages and is always horny,’ he explained.

He also likes that she has her Instagram on private so random men can’t chat to her.

But Kyle and Jackie O weren’t convinced by the list which painted the woman as thoughtful but didn’t appear to include anything about her personality. 

Kyle and Jackie O have told a caller to dump his girlfriend of 12 months after he called them with a scathing list of pros and cons 

The cons list left the shock jocks telling Liam to dump the woman after 12 months, as much for her own sake as his.

The young man, who described himself as six-foot tall and 89kilograms of pure muscle, said his girlfriend ditched the gym since they started dating.

‘I did love her body but she has lost her way,’ he said.


Should Liam dump his girlfriend?

Should Liam dump his girlfriend?

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‘I spend time at the gym working on myself, why can’t she.’ 

Liam said his girlfriend weighed 68kilograms when they got together and now weights 93kilograms, and is about the same height as him.

Her aversion to shaving and waxing topped the cons list, with the young man explaining she is left with an ugly rash when she does try to shave.

Liam added that they like to film their intimate moments and put them on Pornhub but he now makes her wear a T-shirt for the videos.

‘It is obviously the weight thing and the hairy thing what bothers me the most – when filming stuff she is flopping around everywhere . No one wants to see that,’ he said.

The other ‘more minor’ things on Liam’s cons list included his girlfriend’s bad morning breath, the fact she bites her finger nails and that she can’t drive.

But the idea that she sniffs her dental floss was the biggest red flag for Jackie who was gagging at the thought of it.

‘I tell her you can just stop that, I used to pick my belly button as a kid and smell that but I stopped,’ he said. 

What’s on Liam’s pros and cons list?


She gets along with his mum

She has big boobs

She is a great cook

She has a cute dog 

She gives great massages 

She looks hot, but not sl**ty

She has a private Instagram 

She is pretty without makeup

She is horny all the time 

She is open minded  


She refuses to shave or wax

She has put on weight

She sniffs her dental floss

She smells like vintage clothes

She has bad morning breath

She doesn’t like spicy food

She is taller when in heels 

She bites her fingernails 

She can’t drive

She calls a sausage sizzle a ‘sausage in bread’ 

Liam said it is annoying that she doesn’t like spicy food and that she is taller than him when she wears high heels.

He also hated the way she calls a sausage sizzle a ‘sausage in bread’ something both of the popular presenters admitted they would find annoying.  

Kyle and Liam then discussed if it would be possible to tell her to lose weight and shave, but Jackie said it would hurt his girlfriend’s feelings too much.

The radio segment comes a week after one of Kyle and Jackie O’s newest recruits shared the list of pros and cons she accidentally sent her ex-boyfriend.

Mel, who joined the KIIS radio team a few months ago, said she accidentally sent her boyfriend the list while trying to decide whether or not she should break up with him. 

She mentions he wants to be intimate too much, is lazy and doesn’t want to save money (stock image)

The list, which begins with a dozen ego-boosting compliments, highlights the way the man looks when the sun is bright as the first con.

And the seemingly innocent remark had Kyle and Jackie squirming.

‘She is saying she doesn’t like the way he squints his eyes and nose,’ Jackie clarified.

‘It is deep seeded, you only hate that if you don’t like someone at all and you are looking for something to pick on, when these little things creep in it is finished,’ Kyle said.

The cons list also mentions her boyfriend’s weight gain, his desire to live with his parents forever and his aversion to travel.

She mentions he wants to be intimate too much, is lazy and doesn’t want to save money.

The warm, fuzzy feelings Kyle wanted to ‘bask in’ following the pros list were quickly dashed by the cons.

‘He sounds like the best man on the planet,’ Kyle said after Jackie read the first half of the misdirected text (Pictured: this is a mock up of the texts)

‘He sounds like the best man on the planet,’ Kyle said after Jackie read the first half of the misdirected text.

The pros included loving the way her boyfriend cuddles, kisses and watches her favourite movies despite not really enjoying the plot.

She went on to explain she feels good when he tells her he loves her and that he ‘smells really good’.

‘He comforts me when I am sad and loves me for who I am,’ she added.

The radio hosts ultimately decided the boyfriend in the story was a ‘loser’, because he didn’t have ambitions or want to leave his parents’ house.

Mel explained the list was made four years ago when he was 21 and she was 19, and that they got through the awkward moment before he dumped her six months later (Pictured: This is a mock up of the texts)

Mel explained the list was made four years ago when he was 21 and she was 19, and that they got through the awkward moment before he dumped her six months later.

‘We were watching Friends in our matching T-shirts when I asked if we should plan a trip to Bali together and he said we need to discuss our future,’ she said, blind sighted.

She is now engaged to her ex boyfriend’s friend. 

Jackie called for other callers to share their own pros and cons lists for their partners, insisting most women have made a pros and cons list. 

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