‘Boys called me ugly and didn’t want to see me – but rejection transformed me’

A woman wowed with her transformation after being rejected by boys who branded her 'ugly'.

Bella, 18, boasts 60,000 followers on TikTok – where she often impresses with her stunning looks and envy-worthy style.

But the blonde bombshell did not always have thousands of fans fawning over her.

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In a recent clip that went viral, Bella revealed what she used to look like when she was at school – and how differently she was treated.

The beauty admitted that she used to get cruelly rejected by boys when she asked them to 'hang out'. She was even branded 'ugly'.

In a throwback picture taken in her early teens, a young Bella rocked a natural look with black-framed glasses.

As she sat in black leggings and a feather print blouse, she smiled as she balanced a plate of pizza on her lap.

Fast-forward a few years and Bella, who is bisexual, has completely transformed.

Although she still has blonde hair, the stunner lightened her tresses with bleach and slicked it back into a bun.

Bella accentuated her features with glam makeup and wore a mesh body suit that complemented her figure.

"If you can't love me now, don't love me later when my later is much greater", she lip synced to song 'Paper Loving' as she posed in front of the camera.

Amazed at her transformation, many people fled to the comments to shower Bella with praise.

One person commented: "Their loss!"

Another user gasped: "How is this the same person."

While a third voiced: "Glow up!!! You're beautiful anyway."

Someone else said: "Beautiful then, beautiful now."

Meanwhile, a fifth declared: "Yaaas! Show them who you are."

And, this user expressed: "Rejection works."

Bella replied: "True."


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