Brazilian revenge thriller “Carrion” was Tuesday named as winner of the Bucheon Award, the top prize at the NAFF Project Market, which is operated alongside the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BiFan) in South Korea.

The project (aka “Carnica”) which is currently in development, sees a woman attacked by a gang of outlaws who also steal her child. She makes a pact to have her revenge in this world or, if necessary, in the next. The project is to be directed by Renata Pinheiro and produced by Andre Pereira, who was in Bucheon to pitch to potential buyers, co-producers and financiers.

Entering NAFF, the filmmakers had assembled $25,000 of an estimated $1.6 million production budget. The Bucheon prize gives them an additional KRW20 million ($15,300). Additionally, winning the Blood Window prize, earns them flights, accommodation and accreditation to take the project to the Ventana Sur market in Argentina.

“ ‘Carrion’ represents all the good things Brazilian fantastique can give to the world: a western with cangaceiros (Brazilian bandits), that is also a horror movie and a revenge tale. Based on an outstanding comic book, Renata Pinheiro’s project is one of the most promising projects in the international fantastic cinema ecosystem,” said the jury which decided the NAFF Awards.

The market had another double winner, “Posthouse,” a horror film project from The Philippines writer-director Nikolaus Red. The story is set in a film post-production facility where a man must piece together the images of a disturbing movie inhabited by a sinister creature and save his daughter from being killed by the creature. It won both the Discovery of Asia Award and the VIPO Award, earning it a combined $15,100 (KRW15 million and JPY500,000). Red is the younger brother of Mikhail Red, a prolific writer-director whose “Arisaka” last year played at major festivals. The pair also co-wrote Mikhail Red’s next picture “Deleter,” which goes into production imminently.

“Nikolas Red represents a new generation of filmmakers keeping the [Philippines horror] flame alive and praying homage to their cinematic predecessors, while making innovative and unique movies, mostly aimed to a raving young audience. “Post House” is a very original project, combining family drama, folk horror and celluloid nightmares,” said the jury.

The BiFan Industry Gathering (B.I.G.) ran for four days (July 9-12,2022), while its NAFF project market component hosted 32 selected projects and facilitated some 377 one-on-one pitching meetings.

2022 NAFF Project Market Winners in full

Bucheon Award
“Carrion” (Brazil)

NAFF Award
”Holy Pest”

Discovery of Asia Award
”Posthouse” (Philippines)

Discovery of Korean Award
”Deepfake” (South Korea)

NAFF Korean Award
”ECOLIFE” (South Korea)

NAFF Korean Award
”The Well” (South Korea)

Fantastic7 Award
”Seoul Horror Story” (South Korea)

VIPO Award
“Posthouse” (Philippines)

DHL Award
”The Othered” (Vietnam, Canada, U.S.)

C-47 Award (Post Production Support)
“Wangjia” (South Korea)

Mocha Chai Award (Post-production Support)
“The Cursed Land” (Thailand)

SBA Awards (Post-production Support for seven works in progress)
“The Comedian,” “Cinematic Novel,” “Annapurna,” “My Missing Aunt,” “A Good Boy,” “Oversteer” and “Jinju’s Pearl.”

Blood Window Award
”Carrion” (Brazil)

Sitges FanPitch Award

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