Brits argue what a ‘chip butty’ should be called – but many brand it ‘criminal’

Brits got into a debate over what a 'chip butty' is called – but others were more distracted by the 'criminal' snack itself.

Stuffing chips in a sandwich or a roll is quite the delicacy that many British people hold close to their hearts.

But not everyone is in agreement as to what it 'officially' should be called.

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So Twitter meme account No Context Brits decided to cut to the chase and ask their 1.2 million followers what the carb on carb combo is called.

"Let’s settle the debate", they said. "What do you call this?"

Despite having slight variations of the chip sandwich, many came to the conclusion that it should be called a 'chip butty'.

One person said: "Chip butty."

Another user claimed: "Chipwhich surely."

While a third shared: "Deep down, in my heart, I just know that if the Americans put aside their differences for a minute and just had a go at a chip butty, they would absolutely adopt it as their national dish.

"As a freebie, they can even call it a 'fry burger' if they want. Just give it a try lads."

Meanwhile, one user voiced: "Chip barm/chip butty no discussion needed

Once that was cleared up, many people decided to bash the Brits for their much loved cuisine.

One user slammed: "F***ing disgusting. The UK is so unserious bro look at that."

A second blasted: "A crime."

Another jet-setter agreed, admitting: "Learning that they unironically eat this was the biggest cultural shock when I lived in England."

While a fourth jibed: "A sin."

Let us know in the comments what you think of the 'chip butty' – a culinary delight or criminal dish?

Or do you think a 'chip butty' should be called something else?


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