Byker Grove Spuggie star Lyndyann Barrass looks very different years after quitting fame

Lyndyann Barras was one of Byker Grove's most recognisable faces, starring as Spuggie in six series of the BBC show.

While TV royalty Ant and Dec launched their successful TV careers off the back of the show, Lyndyann struggled to find work as an actress and remained in the north east after a short period of time with a band called Angel.

She quit fame after thugs viciously attacked her in the street in 2004.

She told The Sun: “I was beaten unconscious in the street by three strangers who recognised me as Spuggie.

“Thankfully, I wasn’t badly injured, but it was the final straw. I decided to quit show business for good.”

Following this horrifying event, she stepped away from the spotlight continuing to act but sticking to local theatre and plays.

Lyndyann, 47, now lives in Sunderland and focuses on her cleaning business and raising her two children as a single mum.

On her Twitter profile, she describes herself, saying: "Actress, business woman and single mum of 2 angels. Just doing my best xx."

The former child actress looks very different from her character in recent snaps, however she still has her signature flaming red curls.

It appears Lyndyann may be hoping to make a TV comeback alongside Ant and Dec after the pair announced the show's reboot, which will see a new generation of teenagers navigating the challenges faced by young adults today.

The cleaning boss told MailOnline that she has remained friends with her Byker Grove co-stars although they have gone down very different paths in life.

Lyndyann said: “If the chance came for me to play a grown up Spuggie I would jump at it.”

The former star also said that, even though she is not in “that world anymore,” it has remained a huge part of her life.

She revealed that, since the re-boot was announced under the name Byker, she has already been in contact with Dec but can’t reveal what they discussed as it is a “secret”.

She said: “The first I heard was when my son texted me to say "Byker Grove is coming back" and after that my phone never stopped buzzing with people sending me messages and tagging me”.

The successful show ran for 18 series from 1989 to 2006 and focused on the lives of teens who attended a youth club in the north east of England.

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