Celeb-loved fake tan that ‘never streaks and fades nicely’ hits Amazon Black Friday sale

Winter is in full swing, but for those who crave a sun-kissed glow year-round, weekly rendezvous with fake tan are likely part of the routine.

As the beauty industry is set ablaze with Black Friday deals, tan lovers really do have the chance to elevate their game with loads of products discounted and ready to be snatched in-store and online.

A great example? Tan Luxe THE WATER, now £22.46 here, takes centre stage, boasting a legion of celebrity admirers. Loved for its ability to deliver a flawless, streak-free tan that will trick people into thinking you are just back from a Mediterranean vacation, this product has become the not-so-secret weapon behind the golden, glowy complexions of A-listers like the Queen of trends herself, Hailey Bieber.

Anytime Hailey Bieber takes to TikTok to share her beauty secrets, the entire world seems to be taking notes, so when she revealed her love for the Tan Luxe tanning water, the product went immediately viral with every fake tan lover trying to grab a bottle before it disappeared from e-stores and shelves.

This transparent, vitamin-infused tanning water from Tan Luxe is pretty easy to apply and will avoid orange stains on clothes and bed sheets with its zero-transfer technology. All you have to do is spritz it on your skin and spread it evenly. With a unique mix of Vitamins B, C & E, plus Raspberry Oil and Aloe Vera, this clear, odorless, water-based formula gives a natural-looking tan without clogging pores.

If you are into fake tan but want to explore different formulas or textures, we have found plenty of options that will save you some coins while helping you achieve gold skin perfection.

Our top picks include 50% off Skinny Tan Self-Tanning Mousse 150ml, now £9.99 here, the viral Filter by Molly Mae Tanning Mousse, £14.70 here, which is great for sensitive skin as contains hydrating ingredients like Aloe and green tea for anti-oxidant powers, and last but not least the St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse, now £20.40 here, that will save you more than £13 for 200 ml.

Another evergreen product that is on sale this Black Friday is the St Moriz Professional Instant Tanning Mousse, £4.99 here, that will give a subtle natural-looking glow with its formula enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E.

If you are on the hunt for a vegan option, we got you! The Holland & Barrett VeganTan Self Tan Mousse, now £6.49 here, comes in three shades – medium, dark and ultra dark – and lasts for seven days. An extra brownie point for this product? For every purchased bottle, the company is putting funds in to recover 1LB of ocean-bound plastic from the environment.

If you strive to stay golden and glowy every day of the year, take advantage of these Black Friday deals and find your perfect tanning treasure!

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