Chefs hack makes roast potatoes extra crispy – and all you need is maple syrup

Britain isn’t known for cooking the best food – somewhat unfairly – but if there’s one meal we’re excellent at making it’s a Sunday roast.

And, there’s a whole host of trimmings that can accompany your choice of meat from broccoli to Yorkshire puddings.

But, there’s one side dish that frankly it’s an offence not to have on a roast dinner – crispy, golden roast potatoes.

If you prefer mash then that’s fine, but frankly you should have both in that case!

And, roast potato lovers will be curious to try one chef’s hack for crunchy, perfectly brown roast spuds.

Chef Olivier Briault recommends using a few tablespoons of maple syrup on your potatoes for roasties that are crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside with a sweet finish.

It gives them a great, caramelised flavour.

Chef Olivier said: “When it comes to making the best roast potatoes, ensure you’re using the right kind of potato for the job.

“Maris Piper potatoes are ideal for roasting as they have that textbook golden skin, and fluffy texture on the inside.

“Herbs like fresh thyme and rosemary are perfect for seasoning.

“I also personally like to cut a bulb of garlic in half with the skin on, then place it in the tray among the potatoes to infuse the goose/duck fat, to enhance the overall flavour and smell.”

He added: “Along with a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup to serve —ideally golden for its delicate taste— you get such a mouth-watering array of flavours”

And, Maple from Canada UK Brand Ambassador and Chef David Colcombe suggests the following: “For the perfect finishing touch to garnish just before serving, I find the addition of maple syrup adds a subtle, natural sweetness to the glaze.

“Topping the potatoes off with a sprinkling of salt to serve then creates a lovely juxtaposition of flavour.”

Sounds delicious!

We can’t wait to give this cooking trick a try.

What’s your favourite cooking hack? Tell us in the comments…

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