Chinese zodiac sign risks being ‘deeply broken’ in relationships

Chinese New Year: Each Zodiac sign explained

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Those who fall under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit will be born in one of the following years: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 or 2023. According to Chinese astrology, what can this sign expect from love and relationships?

Those born in the Year of the Rabbit are “mysterious and sensitive in love”, according to Chinese astrology.

They make good partners due to their “rational thinking”, and also their ability to spoil you with fancy date nights.

Rabbit is slow to anger, making it easy to address concerns about the relationship with them.

However, they are not swayed by just anyone, and may take a long time to fall in love.

When faced with a very “enthusiastic” partner, Rabbit might “hesitate”.

But if you are able to “win their heart” with “proper encouragement”, they will devote all to you.

However, if and when Rabbit does fall in love, they fall hard, often becoming consumed with the relationship.

“When they adapt themselves well to a relationship, they are inclined to rely on the other. Therefore, they may get deeply broken when out of love.”

This suggests that Rabbit should be mindful of keeping their independence somewhat, or risk getting hurt.

The male Rabbit is “popular” with girls in their younger years, loved for their “tender, considerate and generous deeds”.

However, he may end up breaking hearts, as when a girl gets attached, the young Rabbit male tends to get a bit scared.

“Once a girl devotes into the relationship and try to bind him, he will run away instantly, for the sake of freedom.”

Unfortunately, this does not change a whole lot with age, and older Rabbit men run the risk of losing their loved ones if they don’t take their relationships seriously enough.

What can partners of Rabbit women expect from a relationship with this sign? “Female people born in the Year of the Rabbit are calm, kind, tender and innocent in love.”

They find attractive people who are “understanding, considerate and wealthy”, those who can “help relieve anxiety from life”.

However, they are not one to give second and third chances, so if a Rabbit woman rejects you once, it’s probably best to move on swiftly.

But when they do fall they fall hard and are prepared to give anything to their relationship, happy to become a “responsible housewife”.

Rabbit’s perfect love matches

Rabbit is “born to be” in a relationship with Sheep, as they are not only “attracted by each other at first glance” but will make each other better.

Rabbit can also have a very successful relationship with Monkey, who can “bring passion and enthusiasm to their life – exactly what Rabbits lack”.

Another compatible sign for Rabbit is Dog. One “honest” and one “loyal”, these two can lead a very “harmonious” life together.

Finally, Rabbit is “well-matched” with Pig, because “they both want to live a normal but sweet life, and they can tolerate each other’s weaknesses”, as reported by Travel China Guide.

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