Couple charter a £80,000 private jet to fly their three dogs across the world

Melanie Demi and husband, Albert, always wanted to travel the world with their pet dogs.

So the couple spent two years saving $45,000 (£36,500) to make their dream a reality.

The couple even planned their own charter trip on a private jet, from New York to Paris, by finding 10 other people also heading to Europe with their dogs.

This was because their Great Dane, Lucas, was deemed too heavy to travel in cargo on a regular plane and the only pet-friendly cruise liner didn’t accept his breed.

Melanie, 26, said: ‘It took three months of planning and cost $11,000 (£8,900) per person and over $100,000 (£81,000) for the whole flight.

‘We saved around $45,000 over two years and sold everything we had to be able to afford it.’

Their three dogs – Great Dane Lucas, two, Golden Retriever, Cooper, 15, and Dachshund mix, Brooklyn, six – have now travelled to six countries so far (France, Germany, Austria, Czechia, England and Scotland), after Melanie and Albert hired a car to drive around Europe.

Media marketing consultant Melanie and Albert, an account executive, work remotely and have been on the road for four months – staying at dog-friendly Airbnbs.

They plan to keep going until November 2023 before heading home to Texas.

‘I think the dogs really enjoy it. People on social media ask why we don’t leave them at home,’ Melanie added.

‘The dogs might not know where they are, but they love exploring new places and it’s about having them with us and making memories.

‘Sitting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and seeing them roll on the grass, or at the Christmas markets where they got a lot of pets, or running on the beach in Edinburgh, it’s all just incredible.

‘Being able to travel in general is something I’m very grateful for but doing it with the dogs makes me feel very lucky.

‘There are times when I catch them just staring and it seems like they’re just taking everything in.’

Balancing their activities with work, the couple plan two big adventures a week for the family – such as taking the dogs to the beach.

Melanie and Albert are currently in Edinburgh, but have a jam-packed year of sight-seeing before they return home – including heading to the French Riviera, before moving on to Italian wine country and stopping in Florence.

They will then travel to Croatia and Kosovo, with a stop in Albania to visit Albert’s relatives.

Finally, they will head Oktoberfest in Germany, and the Rugby World Cup back in France.

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