Couple who rescued abandoned kitten from river share amazing transformation

Just last week, images of a rescue kitten emerged on Reddit which melted everyone's hearts after his story was shared.

The adorable feline, who has been named River, was found abandoned until he was given a new home.

It wasn't so simple at first as the Reddit user revealed he wasn't eating or pooping normally, until she visited a vet.

In photos shared previously, it shows the fuzzy animal enjoying a nice nap, while a second sees him wide awake in his cage.

Now u/lostinthecemetery has provided more updates as fans have been eager to know about River's progress.

Posting a day ago on the open forum, the user said: "River, kitten update 2."

In the upload there are five images showing the little cutie enjoying some time in his new home.

A number of photos show River hiding beneath his blankets while napping in his cage.

Meanwhile, a final snap sees the kitten jumping off a furry kitten bag, which is a difference to him a few days ago.

The user wrote: "He's peeing in his own, but no poop for two days."

She added: "He had a fairly big poop. Then no poop for one day, and today we got him to poop again.

"He is very happy, very playful."

The user also praised the wonderful person who donated money, adding: "Thank you so much if you're reading this.

"River is still drinking KMR, no interest in wet food yet. But he's doing amazing. Thank you for all your advice and response."

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The Reddit user admitted she and her boyfriend were being "patient with him" after the vet revealed River was okay.

Social media users gushed at the sight of an update to River and fans loved his name.

One wrote: "I was hoping you would name him River or Moses," while another said: "You gotta name the little one River Phoenix."

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