Daters share the most ridiculous exchanges they've had

Better off single! Daters share the most ridiculous exchanges they’ve had with their matches – and they’ll put you off romance

  • Bored Panda rounded up a number of hilarious responses users have received
  • FEMAIL picked its favourite replies and conversations from the online thread
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If you’ve ever been on an online dating website, chances are these ridiculous replies are likely to strike a chord.  

Bored Panda rounded up a number of hilarious responses sent by singletons from around the world fed up with cheesy chat-up lines.

Many users have been caught sending harsh replies, including telling their matches that they are, in fact, ‘ugly’.   

Another charmer told a woman that words couldn’t describe her beauty, before brutally telling her that he’d use numbers instead and rated her a three out of 10.

As introductory messages go, complimenting someone on their hair is par for the course. But this singleton was not having it. Instead of accepting the anodyne comment, this person thought it was best to hit back with a tongue-in-cheek remark

Elsewhere, a woman named Kate was complimented on her name with her match saying they would like to use if if they ever had twin daughters. 

But things went awry when they joked that the would name the other girl DupliKate.  

And a man who was flattered to match with a pretty woman soon had the wind taken out of his sails when she told him it was because she likes ugly men.  

No truck with this! Poor Travis, who most probably thought putting a picture of a truck as his display picture was pretty innocuous. But his match would not let it go, joking that instead of speaking to Travis they were talking to a… truck

Oof, that one must have hurt. One user thought giving this woman a compliment might get him off to a good start. Instead, this person’s hopes were crushed when she called him ‘ugly’  

Does not compute! It’s hard to tell if they person who didn’t seem to know what it means to be transgender is joking or not  

Everyone loves a pun! This person said they liked the name Kate and wanted to give the name to one of his twin daughters. And he would call the other one dupliKate

Playing stupid? This person gave a pretty forward message to their match, asking if they wanted to help her out. But the match played dumb, asking if she had ever had a shower before

Looks like she will not be the Robin to his Batman. After spelling out the Batman theme tune using her name, Nana, this person still did not get the joke

Brutal! This womant thought she was receiving a nice compliment about her looks before her match gave her a very unflattering rating 

What to make of this? This person made a drunken poem to his match, which the jury is certainly out. But his match seemed to like it!

And one of the best conversations of them all. After being given the industrial revolution as the historical period to make a romantic pickup line, the user did not disappoint

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