Demi Lovato Return to Acting, But Not at Disney Channel

Forget Camp Rock, Sonny With A Chance, you know what? Forget anything Disney Channel related because Demi Lovato is ready for her Oscar.

Ok, an Oscar may be taking it a little far, but the child star turned successful pop star is ready to return to acting. But don’t get it twisted, Dems has no plans to return to the channel that turned her from a regular on Barney to bonafide triple threat.

Anyway, last night the songstress hopped on Twitter to hang out with her fans because just like us normies, Demi also gets bored. It all started with a simple ‘Ask me anything!’ tweet and of course when you have 57 million followers, you’re going to get some pretty interesting questions and Demi was ready to chat away.

The questions ranged from details about the type of makeup she uses to whether or not she likes pineapple on her pizza, but let’s get to the juicy stuff. One fan straight up asked Demi if she missed making movies and her answer just made our little hearts flutter.

However, when another fan asked if she missed Disney, well, her answer could not have been more clear.

Ouch. Guess we won’t be seeing Demi collaborating with Disney or any of their other divisions any time soon. While the House of Mouse is out of the question, it looks like we may see the 25-year-old on a big or small screen near us soon.

Demi getting back into the acting game is definitely exciting news, but we have to say, one of the other important things we learned from her open chat is that new music is coming very, very soon. We’re all anxiously awaiting the release of Dem’s seventh album and the singer just gave us a huge clue as to when we can expect it.

Can you just maybe not tease us and give us an actual date please, Demi?

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