Diabetes is ruining my sex life because I can't get an erection | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE got diabetes and it’s seriously affecting my sex life.

Performing in bed is no longer possible.

I’m a divorced man of 61 but belong to a lively social club and have more than my fair share of girlfriends.

The doctor discovered I had diabetes and I am on medication.

I had a good connection with two women recently but each time I took either of them to bed, I couldn’t get an erection.

It has caused an issue because neither woman now talks to me at the club. What can I do?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Erectile dysfunction is easier to deal with when you are in an established relationship because you can work on this together.

Diabetes can affect the nerve endings in the penis because of high blood sugar, high blood pressure or blood fats.

It isn’t always the case though. Your issues might be down to simple performance anxiety.

My support pack Solving Erection Problems may help but approach Diabetes UK (diabetes.org.uk, 0345 123 2399) for extra advice.


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