Dior launches £230 fragrance for babies that smells ‘as simple as they are’

Dior has left people scratching their heads after launching a £230 fragrance for babies.

It's a "scented water" which is supposed to be a "gentle reminder of sweet memories of early childhood".

Bonne Étoile, which is in a pink and celadon 100ml bottle, comes in two colours and is scented with "light notes of fruit, pillowy cotton and velvety petals".

It was co-created by Francis Kurkdijan and Cordélia de Castellane and contains "98% natural-original ingredients" and is personalised with a coloured ribbon for each child.

The product has been designed to be gentle on babies and their skin. It's part of a new range which has hydrating body milks, and gentle bath cleansing foams, costing £95 and £80.

Dior's range has had mixed reactions, with one person writing on Twitter: "Dior just released baby perfume, what is the point? They're gonna vomit milk every 2 seconds regardless???" Someone else said: "I can't believe Dior has brought out baby perfume."

Another added: "Dior launch a perfume for babies. Babies are supposed to smell of sick, s*** and mothers milk."

A fourth furious commenter penned: "So, in the cost of living crisis that we find ourselves in, #Dior has brought out a £230 perfume for babies. How ridiculous !!

"Charities, and the poorest people in society, must weep when they read articles like this. I know I do."

However, according to the Business of Fashion, marketing perfume to younger customers is not a new thing. Brands like Hermes have also launched “eau de senteurs”, perfumed water for children's sensitive skin.

Bulgari also has a £64 eau de toilette for mothers and their children, Jacadi's got £49 baby fragrances, and premium skincare brand Dr Barbara Sturm's has a £100 Baby & Kids Body Set.

The craze for premium products comes as beauty-obsessed parents obsess over snapping up luxury items for their babies and toddlers.

But Mumsnet’s Justine Roberts told the Telegraph: “As every parent knows, the most expensive eau de toilette in the world can’t beat the smell of your newborn’s head. If Dior could bottle that then they’d be on to a winner.”

And, speaking to Claire Coleman for MailOnline, dermatologist Dr Thivi Maruthappu said: "Why would you mess with a baby's delicate skin?

"Fragrances [whether natural or synthetic] can sensitise and irritate skin and can even be the trigger that tips their skin from being dry into having full-blown eczema."

Claire and the experts say that babies need non-fragranced simple shampoos and soaps, and a moisturiser if their skin is dry.

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