Doctors said I needed surgery to lose weight – I lost 150lbs naturally

My doctor told me I’d need a gastric bypass to lose weight – I lost 150lbs WITHOUT it and now I compete in bodybuilding competitions

  • Emma Hooker, 25, lost almost half her body weight over 14 months 
  • Her doctor told her she needed to lose weight – and she’d need surgery to do so
  • She is now an online fitness coach and competes in bodybuilding competitions

A woman has stunned social media users with her incredible transformation, dropping 150lb naturally, after she was told by doctors she’d need gastric band surgery to lose the weight.

Emma Hooker, who is now an online fitness coach and content creator, weighed 330lb when she was told she had to shed the pounds – saying she ‘almost lost her life’ because of it.

With the goal of losing almost half of her body weight, Emma set off on a journey to lose 150lb – determined to do so without getting surgery.

After years of sitting on the sidelines of her own life due to her size, the 25-year-old now weighs 180lbs after 14 months of hard work.

Emma Hooker has spent half her life trying to lose weight – and is now an online fitness coach after shedding 150lbs

She was told she’d need to have surgery to lose weight – but was determined to lose it naturally

The determined woman said she dropped the pounds by adopting healthy eating and exercise habits – adding everyone was capable of doing the same. 

Emma shares her tips and tricks for long-term weight loss on her social media pages, where she’s amassed almost 1 million followers on the platforms, promoting sustainable weight-loss methods, which don’t encourage restricting foods. 

Emma’s weight-loss tips to becoming ‘unrecognizable’ in six months

  • Drinking half a gallon of water a day
  • Walking a minimum of 8,000 steps
  • Include more nutrient dense/whole foods in your diet
  • Read self-development books
  • Make sure your home is clean before you leave it 
  • Plan your workouts 

‘The journey ahead might seem overwhelming, but remember, you don’t have to do it alone,’ she said in a clip. ‘Remember, this journey isn’t just about losing weight – it’s about discovering your true self, embracing self-love, and nourishing your mind, body, and soul. 

‘Every step you take towards a healthier lifestyle is a step towards a more vibrant, empowered you,’ she encouraged. ‘Celebrate your progress, celebrate your effort, and celebrate the beautiful person you are becoming.’

Emma, who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at the age of 12, first started gaining weight after taking medications for her condition, which left her in critical care for ‘weeks’ as a preteen.

After gaining more than 150lbs, she spent her life struggling to lose the weight – until a few years ago, calling her transformation a ‘second chance’ at life.

The fitness enthusiast even competes in bodybuilding competitions now – something she never would have dreamed of doing before, gushing it’s a ‘whole new world’ in an Instagram post.

Although Emma didn’t disparage anyone who lost weight surgically, she encouraged anyone looking to lose weight naturally to have clear, specific and meaningful goals before starting.

She had tried multiple times over the years to lose the pounds since rapidly gaining weight after suffering from an autoimmune condition at the age of 12

She shares tips to losing weight on social media, citing eating in a calorie deficit and exercise as two main factors 

She competed in her first bodybuilding competition a few weeks ago and said she was living her ‘dream’ life

Emma says her life has changed completely since losing weight and she’s able to do things she never would have dreamed of doing before

Commenters praised her natural weight loss methods, with many saying she’s inspired them to start their own weight-loss journeys

*I am not hating on gastric bypass by any means. It is a great tool. I am showing that it is possible to be done without surgery♥️

‘When you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, it becomes easier to stay focused,’ she explained.

Emma, who reached her goal about two years ago and was now in ‘maintenance,’ also stressed the importance of being prepared to make mental changes, as well as physical.

‘By maintaining a positive outlook, you can view these moments as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles,’ the weight-loss coach pointed out. ‘Visualize your goals, envision your success, and trust in your ability to make lasting changes!’

Emma, who admitted she had tried multiple times throughout the years to shed the pounds, recalled her horrible diet and exercise habits before she started her weight-loss journey.

‘I was constantly dieting and saw no way out,’ she admitted in a post with 545,000  views. ‘So I decided to try one more time.’

‘Now I live each day like it’s my last and do things I never thought I’d be able to,’ Emma added triumphantly. 

She also ate in a calorie deficit to achieve her weight loss, choosing to eat healthy foods and slowly implement an exercise routine.

Although Emma is happier and healthier than she ever has been before, she admits she had a hard time with the excess skin and stretch marks post weight loss. 

‘They’re still here,’ she said in a video, showing off the marks. ‘I have finally learned to love them.’ 

Thousands of people commented on Emma’s transformation videos, with many praising the fitness fanatic on embracing the natural method.

‘Yesss exactly the type of transformation I want to see! I see so many gastric band surgery transformations I was starting to loose hope for myself,’ one user wrote.

‘Such an inspiration,’ another agreed.

‘I’m crying this is my motivation now,’ someone else declared.

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