Dwayne Johnson Reveals Heartfelt Reason He Won't Run for President (Just Yet), Surprises Toy Shoppers with Jimmy Fallon

The Rock also confirmed his next big film project, saying "You're welcome!" to fans with this Disney live-action remake.

Over the years, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been arm-dragged into the political discussion after a poll showed 46% of US adults would support him running for president.

The wrestler-turned blockbuster star appeared on Monday’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and weighed in on the media frenzy surrounding the pressure for him to run for office.

The most recent round of presidential hoopla came after Johnson discussed being approached by political parties on former Daily Show host Trevor Noah’s What Now? Spotify podcast last week.

On Monday, Fallon brought up the presidential talk, asking The Rock to give his thoughts once again on it all.

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“It’s crazy. It’s wild. This run for president talk has kind of been in the ether for years. And it never stops being surreal. Incredible. They came from D.C. We sat down,” Johnson began. “The poll was something like 50% of Americans would support me running for president. It was just crazy.”

“Not too long ago. You know, years ago, I was wrestling in flea markets for forty bucks per match. Hoping that [I would get] a free corn dog at the end of the night. And now here we are years later, I’m sitting with you and this talk has come up,” he continued. “I’m so grateful. So if you are one of the 50%, I thank you. Tequila on me, by the way. I appreciate it.”

“Would this be something you would ever consider?” Fallon asked.

Not too long ago. You know, years ago, I was wrestling in flea markets for forty bucks per match. Hoping that [I would get] a free corn dog at the end of the night.”

“I think down the road, for sure” Rock confirmed. “I’ve said this before. I’m a proud girl dad. I have a 22-year-old. I have a seven and a five. So they’re all age ranges.”

He then noted how things were different with his eldest as he was just building his career as a pro wrestler.

“And my 22-year-old, I like to say we grew up together. And at that time I was wrestling full-time, 230 dates, 200 wrestling matches a year. So I was always gone. I know what that’s like to have an occupation that takes me away from being a daddy. This time around, with my seven and my five-year-old, I want to be a daddy. That’s the most important thing to me,” he concluded.

This isn’t the first time he’s given this reason. He previously told CBS News a year ago the very same thing. The girl dad is father to Tiana, 5, Jasmine,7, and Simone, 22.

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Meanwhile during the same interview with Fallon, The Rock revealed now that the Hollywood strike is finally over his next film project will be the live action adaptation of his Disney favorite Moana.

Midway through talking about the project, Johnson grabbed a mic and belted out his solo song, “You’re Welcome,” from the animated film — watch it above.

He also pulled a sweet prank with Fallon by surprising shoppers at famous New York City toy shop FAO Schwarz. The two even did a musical dance number on the giant keyboard — paying homage to Tom Hanks in Big.

Then to top it all off, The Rock announced he would be footing the bill for everyone’s toy purchases that day. See the sweet video below:

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