Dying dad told me 'mum' isn't my real parent and I don't know who to believe | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I THINK the woman who brought me up may not be my mum.

 But she is refusing to answer any of my questions.

My dad died recently of dementia but just before he passed away he told me that she wasn’t my mum.

He seemed the most lucid he’d been in months.

I’m a man of 49, Dad was 81 and Mum is 78.

I always felt there was something weird about the way my dad behaved around me, as if he resented me.

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 So his explanation would make sense.

But when I asked Mum, she dismissed his comments, calling him an “old fool” and wouldn’t give me any further explanation.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It is very likely your father was confused.

But I can understand how his words  rang true and may have provided some explanation for your upsetting childhood memories.

Could you perhaps ask any other family member who may know?


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Your mum’s reluctance to discuss your parentage may stem from the differing attitudes that were around 50 years ago.

Reassure her that you don’t want to reproach her but simply want to know  the facts.

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