Etiquette expert reveals the correct way to get a waiters attention

Etiquette expert reveals the CORRECT way to get a waiter’s attention

  • Hanson has revealed the simple way to get a waiter’s attention in a restaurant 
  • In the now-viral clip, the etiquette expert demonstrates how to catch their eye 
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Trying to catch a busy waiter’s eye in a restaurant can seem an impossible task. 

In these desperate times, diners can resort to clicking their fingers or frantically squiggling an imaginary cheque in the air. 

While others wait endless minutes for the waiter’s eventual return, when it’s time to turf them out of their seat for the next customer.

But, according to one etiquette expert, the process need not be so fraught. 

Etiquette expert William Hanson has revealed the correct way to catch the waiter’s eye in a restaurant 

According to the expert, you should never click your hands in the server’s face, but sit back and make eye contact

Posting to his TikTok account @williamhansonetiquette, British etiquette coach William Hanson advises his followers how to catch their waiter’s attention. 

He begins by saying: ‘Here’s how to get the attention of a waiter in a restaurant.’

HE continues: ‘No clapping hands thank you very much instead it’s all done with body language.’

He says diners should remove themselves lightly from the table, so they are in better view of the staff. 

He continues: ‘If you need to use your hand keep your hand at the level of your eye and sit up as straight as you possibly can 

‘Imagine a cord going through your body and make eye contact with them like so.’

The etiquette expert then demonstrates by politely smiling and nodding.  

William advised his followers to sit back once they have finished their meal and raise your hand to your eyeline to politely ask for assistance

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Since it was posted, the video has gained over 800,000 views and has received nearly 50,000 comments. 

Some etiquette admirers took to the comment section to praise the technique, one person wrote: ‘Absolutely love your videos. I’m not from high society but it costs nothing to be polite! 

Meanwhile, some waiters were grateful that William shared the technique. 

One person wrote: ‘I am a waiter and I wish everybody would see this.’

Another agreed: ‘As a server, he is totally correct.’ 

Some, however, claimed the trick was not so simple. 

One person wrote: ‘I do this and they pretend not to see me.’ 

Meanwhile, another claimed: ‘I did this… It took 45 minutes for the waiter to notice me.’

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