Facebook member asks internet to ‘please send help’ after showing off her nails

A Facebook user shared a photo of the nails she had done at her "10-year-old’s salon".

She told members of the That’s It, I’m Nail Shaming group that the customer service was terrible and she would not recommend it.

The anonymous user wrote: “Went to my 10-year-old’s nail salon. She was very rude. Terrible customer service.

“0/10 would not recommend. She also demanded $50 as payment and go aggressive when I said no. Please send help.”

Jokingly ripping into her child’s manicure skills, members of the Facebook group still thought that it was the “best post ever”.

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  • Woman shows off engagement ring – but Facebook users are only watching her nails

One wrote: “This is brilliant.”

Another added: “I’m cackling.”

A third commented: “Best post I’ve seen on this page.”

While a fourth joked: “Me when I try to do my right hand.”

Although some people didn’t get the joke at first, when they realised, they still thought it was funny.

  • Woman shows off engagement ring – but Facebook users are looking at her nails

A Facebook member said: “LMFAO it took me 5 minutes to realise.”

And another added: “I was so mad but then re-read it and I’m good now.”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time someone’s picked up on a person’s nails when they posted a photo on Facebook.

Previously, a woman showed off her engagement ring – only for Facebook users to notice something about her manicure.

In the photo, it shows the woman’s hand where she has a tattoo under the engagement ring, as well as other sparklers.

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But people aren’t focusing on her bling, in fact, members of the social media group picked up on her nails instead.

The photo was posted on the That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming group which certainly caught the eye of many people online.

One said: “Is she a cartoon witch?”

Another commented: “Which to shame first?”

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