Feisty Princess Charlotte earned a nickname from school friends

Princess Charlotte reveals gymnastics is her favourite sport

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Princess Charlotte may only be just seven years old, but the fourth in line to the throne is already starting to show signs of having a strong, confident and charming personality. Her feistiness has already earned her a nickname that demonstrates the kind of character she is. Charlotte is now the third in line to the throne following the death of her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, who died peacefully last Thursday, September 8.

Charlotte has reportedly been called the “Warrior Princess”, a nickname given to her by her friends at nursery. Royal expert and author Katie Nicholl said Charlotte picked up the nickname while attending Willcocks Nursery near Kensington Palace before joining her older brother Prince George at Thomas’s Battersea in 2019.

The young Princess was supposedly given the name after developing a reputation for being a bit of a “tomboy”.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Katie said: “Apparently she earned that nickname because obviously, she is a Princess, but she’s quite a tomboy.

“She loves climbing trees and she’s very much an adventurer, she was quite known for her feisty personality.”

In fact, Charlotte is said to wear the trousers in the family when it comes to her relationship with her siblings.

Even her mother, Kate Middleton, seems to have noticed this.

Charlotte’s mother the Duchess of Cambridge once reportedly told a fellow mother that “Charlotte is growing up really fast” and that “she is the one in charge”.

On a separate occasion at a school engagement in 2019, the Queen asked a young girl if she looked after her little sister, to which the girl’s mother replied: “It’s the other way around”.

The Queen then told the mother: “It’s like that with Charlotte and George”.

It appears that Charlotte is also the same with her young brother, Prince Louis, four.

During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Charlotte made sure Louis wasn’t overdoing it with all the waving by giving him a little nudge.

Charlotte also stopped the four-year-old Prince from putting his hands in his mouth in front of the cameras, while also pulling him back to his seat when he stood up.

She was also seen reminding her older brother Prince George, nine, to stand up straight during the national anthem.

What nicknames are Charlotte’s siblings known as?

According to reports, George’s classmates call him by an endearing nickname.

Pupils in his class have taken a playful approach to George’s title and call him by his initials: PG.

George is said to like the nickname so much that it is even used at home, by his parents.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge call their son both “PG” and “Tips”, playing on the name of the famous tea brand, PG Tips.

In addition, Prince Louis also has a nickname used by his older siblings.

According to Life & Style magazine, the older two children have been calling him “Lou Lou” since he was little.

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