Filming for The Crown is currently underway at the university

Prince Edward and Sophie spotted at St Andrews University where filming of The Crown is underway, as the couple make their first trip to Scotland as the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh

  • Filming for the six and final series of the royal saga is currently underway
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Prince Edward and his wife Sophie have been spotted at St Andrews – where filming for The Crown is currently underway.

The royal saga’s sixth and final series is being shot at the Scottish university, where Prince William, 40, famously met his now-wife Kate Middleton in the early 2000s.

And while pictures of the set and cast have been shared, very few appeared to spot Edward and Sophie – now the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh – as they casually made their way around the grounds.

In a video taken by Adam Thomson, the royal couple can be seen casually walking near the set. Adam told FEMAIL that the pair were so low-key, that at first he didn’t notice who he was looking at.

He explained: ‘We saw them coming round the corner, and it was kind of a surprise because we’ve thought they were actors at first, but then realised it was actually [Edward and Sophie].’

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh (pictured) cut casual figures as they made their way around St Andrews University 

Adam added that despite seeing a number of what he thought were professional photographers, none appeared to spot the Edinburghs. 

According to Adam, the royal couple was ‘right next’ to the film set was he saw them.

Members of the cast have also been snapped as they film the royal drama. Meg Bellamy was transformed into Kate Middleton while Ed McVey was seen portraying Prince William as the series recreated their time at St Andrews where they met and fell in love. 

Theatrically trained Ed, 22, who will play Prince William throughout his late teens and early twenties, he was seen in a navy padded jacket for the scenes. 

Meanwhile Meg, 19, was pictured wearing a brown fleece as she walked around the set, with her brunette hair styled in loose waves. 

Prince William and Kate became friends in their first year before romance blossomed after William saw ‘hot’ Kate strut down a charity fashion show catwalk in a sheer dress. 

He had relocated to the prestigious university in Fife after completing his studies at Eton College in 2001. They graduated in 2005 and William proposed five years later. 

The sighting comes as the new Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh are in Scotland for a visit. 

The royal sighting comes as Netflix films its sixth and final instalment of the saga (pictured: actress Meg Bellamy, who plays Kate Middleton in the final series)

The film crew of The Crown sets up at St Andrews University, where Prince Edward and his wife Sophie were spotted

On Friday, the couple greeted crowds on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and visited the City Chambers to mark one year since the city’s formal response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Edward, who was granted the title Duke of Edinburgh on his 59th birthday on March 10, was speaking to a rousing audience when he seemed to lose his voice with excitement as he referred to his wife, now Duchess of Edinburgh.

As the new Duke celebrated his birthday, his eldest brother King Charles granted the new title in accordance with their late father Prince Philip’s wishes.   

He told crowds the day had been ‘very special and slightly overwhelming’ for himself and his wife, ‘the duchess’. 

Addressing the audience, he said: ‘Thank you very much indeed for welcoming us to Edinburgh today on, indeed, a very special and slightly overwhelming day for – now – my wife, the duchess.’ 

As he addressed Sophie, 58, with her new title, his voice raised ever so slightly with excitement.

In response, the crowd laughed at his innocent, childlike glee and applauded as he beamed.

Sophie’s previous rank as Countess of Wessex, meant she was of an equal rank with her husband Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex.

This raise in royal status for Sophie, 58, is a touching tribute to the late Queen’s daughter-in-law who lovingly called her ‘mama’.

Married to Prince Edward for 24 years, she is well known for her down-to-earth nature and was viewed by the late Queen as The Firm’s safest pair of hands.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh pictured on March 10 at an event inside the City Chambers in Edinburgh to mark one year since the city’s response to the invasion of Ukraine

However their new titles of Duke and Duchess are of a higher rank, elevating them in status to just below the monarch.

Duchesses are also referred to as Her Royal Highness. Meanwhile the title of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh is one of the most senior in the Royal Family.

The move is a touching and lasting connection between the late Queen and her much-loved daughter-in-law, Sophie. 

She was noted as the late monarch’s ‘favourite’ family member and closest confidante.

Experts previously noted the Countess being in the spotlight is what Prince Philip ‘would have wanted’ and helped to ‘keep his memory alive.’



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