German Sheperd who loves motorbike rides is travelling the world with her owner

This is Moxie, the dog who loves nothing more than going for motorcycle rides.

Her owner Jess Stone, 38, often takes sweet, Moxie, six, out for a spin on her motorbike, with the two now undertaking a huge world-wide trip for charity.

Moxie will sit on the back during their jaunts together, donning headgear and looking very cool.

She’ll sit in a specially designed K9 Moto Cockpit that lets Jess adventure with her 75-pound hairy pal with no hassle.

Jess recalled: ‘I started riding with Moxie when she was just over a year old. We designed the K9 Moto Cockpit specifically for her because I wanted a way to take her along on our adventures.

‘She is seeing, smelling and hearing new things every day when we are riding. She sits and waits at the bike when she thinks it is time to go, she is always ready to ‘saddle up’ on my bike and is 100% alert and focused during the ride.

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‘I knew she was going to be a big dog and I didn’t want a sidecar or trailer. So we created the K9 Moto Cockpit so she can ride comfortably and safely on the back of my motorcycle.’

Now the dynamic duo are travelling the world in a bid to raise money for charity.

‘Currently,’ Jess said, ‘we are on an around-the-world motorcycle trip to raise $100k (£81,000) for the global non-profit, Girl Up. We have been on the road for nine months. We started in Guatemala, reached the Arctic Ocean and are now on our way down to the Antarctic.

‘Sharing the thrill of the ride with Moxie is a wonderful experience. She puts a smile on everyone’s face that we come across.

‘She also enhances my adventure because instead of just stopping at gas stations for breaks, I look for natural places like parks and fields where she can run free, which is a better location for both of us.

‘We’ve had a few mechanical issues on the motorcycles along the way resulting in me having to purchase a new used bike halfway through the trip.’

Before their journey began, Moxie had spinal surgery due for spinal stenosis.

‘We were concerned about her ability to do the trip,’ Jess said.

‘Thankfully, the surgery helped her tremendously and after a little recovery, she was back to her old hijinks and ready to start the trip.

‘Most people love seeing Moxie ride. Often, it’s the first time they have ever seen a big dog riding on a motorcycle.

‘People will often lean out of their car windows to get a photo or video as we ride by. Every rest stop becomes a self-palooza’ We do get questions about her safety and respond to those comments based on our testing and experience.

‘Moxie is a bushfire. She is curious about everything, ready for any adventure and absolutely loves chasing cats.’

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