Girlfriend reckons shell make fortune with online sex shows – Im not so sure

How do I stop my girl from being a drama queen?

She is obsessed with getting a reaction. I’m ashamed to admit that she provokes trouble wherever she goes.

If she’s not arguing with shop staff or nightclub bouncers, she’s at war with her own family and friends. She always thinks people are out to get her.

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Time and again, she finds herself in trouble with employers, neighbours and complete strangers. She’s just been sacked from my mate’s business for being late, rude and nicking things.

I went out on a limb to get her that position and she’s let herself down and humiliated me. My mate is furious and reckons she’s cost him thousands of pounds in lost business and stock – I fear I’ll have to pay him back.

Now she’s saying she’s going to go online and put on sex show. She thinks she’s going to make a fortune. I despair of her.

I’ve begged her to turn her life around but there’s always another hoo-ha. At the moment, she is in conflict with her sister whom she insulted at a family party. I’ve told her that she needs to apologise and make amends – but she refuses to back down.

What gets me is that she expects me to forgive her every time. No matter what she does or who she hurts, she assumes I’ll stick around and believe her side of the story. The truth is that she’s a deeply unpleasant, selfish woman and I don’t see how I can stick around much longer.

I was dazzled by her in the early days of our relationship for which I now feel ashamed. Can I change the woman? Is there any hope for her?

JANE SAYS: Some people do sober up, see the error of their ways, and change their bad habits – but does your girl want to?

Has she ever expressed any interest in cleaning up her act? If the answer is no – probably because she thoroughly enjoys the high jinks she gets up to – then have you really got the patience or the energy for the next (almost inevitable) drama?

My take on your situation is that you’re now exhausted by her excuses, escapades and lies. Once you might have found her exciting and edgy, now she’s just pathetic and cowardly.

You face the prospect of paying back your mate thousands of pounds and she doesn’t even care. Would she care if he threatened to report her to the police or does she believe she’s fireproof? I suspect she only feels alive when she’s pushing others to their limits. What does she think of you? Are you simply the mug who facilitates her worst excesses? Think about it.

Now she’s talking about performing online sex acts in an effort to make cash. Has she even considered your feelings? Sadly, I fear you’re fighting a losing battle.

Save yourself by taking some time out – or considering a full split – before you buckle under the weight of her arrogance.


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