Having mum tum made me question my beauty – until I started going to sex clubs
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    A woman who could no longer appreciate her own beauty after giving birth says her body confidence was restored by going to sex clubs.

    Olivia, who goes by the name Vista Wife online, was struggling to accept her mummy tummy, despite reassurances from her husband. But she said becoming a swinger and being desired by strangers transformed her self-belief.

    The Lincolnshire babe married her childhood sweetheart over a decade ago. But the kinky pair spiced up their sex life in recent years by embracing swinging.

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    And as well as strengthening their marriage, Vista Wife went on X, formerly known as Twitter, to tell her 47,000 followers how it inspired her to love her body again.

    She wrote: “It took me six months to understand I am beautiful, even with my mummy tummy! My husband used to tell me I looked gorgeous everyday, I couldn’t believe it as I was looking at the perfect women on social media.

    “So what changed? It changed when I would go to clubs and other people told me I was sexy and desirable… I understood that wearing confidence is the one.

    “Ladies, remember… some people might not like your body, but lots of people will. Those that don’t? They’re not your people. Love yourself, love what you have and work with it.”

    One social media user replied: “I think there are a lot of women (myself included) that really needed to hear that… also you’re amazing.”

    Another person asked: “When your husband tells you you are gorgeous, why does it take other people telling you the same before you understand it? I’ve struggled with this in my relationship and just don’t get it.”

    Vista Wife responded: “Because when my husband tells me, it’s normal, no emotion comes from it… when someone outside of your comfort bubble tells you, it hits differently.”

    Another mum who could relate said: “This is so true. Going to clubs has been so body positive for us. People of all shapes and sizes with different wobbly bits who are all accepting and non-judgemental. Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes.”

    One comment went with: “My husband and I are very similar. Seeing people of all shapes and sizes at the clubs helps too.”

    And a bloke asked: “Does it help the same with men? I don’t know about your hubby but I look in the mirror and go to gym, eat a good diet, but never seem to get that perfect look.” Responding, she said: “Women love dad bods too. If they don’t, they’re not your people.”

    The social media influencer now prides herself on being a swinging ambassador and she often speaks about the lifestyle online.

    And as for her first ever experience, she told the Daily Star: “I was so nervous and we just spent time reassuring each other and making sure we were all comfortable. I hadn’t been with anyone since my husband and I met so it was a shock to the system. But once everything starts it all goes away, and the moment takes over.”

    Her husband Gabe is the CEO and co-founder of SwingHub, a social media platform for open minded couples to explore an alternative to traditional monogamy. And it was Gabe who first suggested to Vista Wife about exploring different sexual partners.

    They met as teenagers and had their first child soon after and in a previous interview with this publication, Vista Wife said: ”The message we really want to put out there is that it is OK to always want more. There is no shame in wanting more in the bedroom whatsoever.”

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