Hilarious moment EasyJet passengers do a Mexican wave for bride-to-be

Hilarious moment EasyJet passengers do a Mexican wave after bride-to-be asks them to help her tick it off her hen do ‘Bingo card’ list

  • UK bride-to-be Jessica Calam asked Easy Jet passengers to do a Mexican wave
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A video shows the hilarious moment a bride-to-be gets the whole plane involved in her celebrations – by launching into a Mexican wave. 

Jessica Calam had been ready for a special weekend with her hen party last week  and took to the sky to head to Barcelona for her hen do.

The 27-year-old from Farnborough, Hampshire was given a series of tasks to complete by her hens whilst they were on holiday.

Her first task was to engage the entire plane in a Mexican wave whilst cruising at 30,000 feet which she managed without breaking a sweat.

The clip begins with Jessica standing at the front of the plane with a flight attendant named Shelley who begins addressing the passengers through the in-flight communication system.

Bride-to-be Jessica Calam (pictured) roped in a kind stewardess, who was happy to ask the passengers to get involved and do a Mexican wave 

Passengers on the Easy Jet flight (pictured) were happy to oblige, and take part in the Mexican Wave requested by Jessica

The plane falls silent as Shelley begins speaking as Jessica stands alongside her, she says: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll soon be shortly landing.

‘We do have a lovely lady here who is onboard, she’s about to get married.’

A gentleman then squirms out of the way of the video to return to his seat as Shelley confirms that the wedding will not take place in the air.

The EasyJet worker states: ‘She has an exciting bingo card that she’s got to get ticked off on this trip.

Bride-to-be Jessica then shakes her bingo card as passengers look on with amusement wondering what is coming next.

Shelley announces that the entire plane will need to participate in one of the world’s most famous dance moves, stating: ‘One of them [bingo card places] is she would like to do a Mexican wave.’

The hospitality worker then whoops in delight, dressed in white cargo trousers, a white t-shirt and love heart glasses.

Flight attendant Shelley confides in the passengers that in her 15 year career she has never been part of an onboard task such as this.

Jessica Calam (pictured) is planning to tie the knot with her fiance James (pictured) in April next year

She says: ‘We can only do that with your help. I know it’s a bit bizarre. I’ve been here nearly 15 years and I’ve never seen a Mexican wave.’

‘I’m actually quite excited. So, I’m gonna start it and anyone else – if you can all just – you know how a Mexican Wave works.’

Jessica and Shelley ready themselves to begin the wave with final instructions dished out by the experienced flyer.

She looks at the front row and addresses the passengers, saying: ‘You guys are gonna have to be first. It’s gonna go all the way down the back, where [Jessica’s] lovely friends are sitting at the back.’

Jessica whoops and chuckles as Shelley says: ‘So, we’ve got no music but we don’t need that.

‘So, if she can get the first [Bingo item] ticked off, I’d be really appreciative if you can join me on our Mexican wave.’

Jessica beams as she poses in the airport en route to Barcelona for her hen do. She is set to tie the knot in April 2024

BRIDE-TO-BE: Jessica (pictured) seemed to be making the most of her hen do, having fun and dancing during the flight

The speakerphone is placed back on its handle and the pair get prepped for unleashing one of the highest Mexican waves in history.

The camera then captures the wave as it spreads down the plane with a majority of the passengers taking part in the task and some opting to shout as they throw their arms up with glee.

Jessica took to social media earlier this week (MON) to share the fun video, writing: ‘Can we get an EasyJet flight to Barcelona to complete a plane wave on a hen do?

‘Shelley, the flight attendant, was a legend.’

The post received over 6,000 likes and dozens of comments as many shared their amusement at the post.

One wrote: ‘This is my mum. Came up on my FYP. Hope you had a lush hen do.’

Another said: ‘This is class.’

MEXICAN WAVE: The bride-to-be (pictured) revealed she had a ‘bingo’ list of things to do on her hen do – including a Mexican Wave on a plane with the other passengers

Jessica, who appears very excited to be getting married, has described her husband-to-be as ‘one of a kind – so caring and loving’

A third commented: ‘It would have funny if a whole plane full of people went, ‘Nope. Not doing that.’

Another added: ‘Queen Shelley.’

Speaking about the situation, Jessica said: ‘My fiancé proposed to me at a familiar place, we had been twice before and then the third time round he popped the question.

‘He had lied and used my best friend to invite me to stay at her’s for the weekend. He then surprised me with a weekend away in Midhurst. My future husband is one of a kind – so caring and loving.

‘We have been together since we were 16 and now 11 years on, we are so excited to tie the knot.

‘The Mexican wave or plane wave I should say was an idea of my two best friends Remco Smit and Ryan Jones, they were invited on the hen do and the game hosts for the four days.

‘They had created their own bingo cards and we had to mark off throughout the duration.

The post, which went viral, received many comments from people who had enjoyed watching the video, finding it extremely funny

‘The winner of a line and a full house would win prizes.

‘Some of the other bingos included three shots back-to-back, a dance off and even a cannon ball in the pool.

‘We went a week ago to Barcelona and were there from Wednesday to Saturday.

‘All of us had the best time. including me there were nine in total and couldn’t have asked for a better crowd.’

Jessica and James plan to tie the knot in April 2024.

EasyJet has been approached for comment.

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