Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for October 7

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Opportunities that open up for you now will not have been anticipated or expected. Some will mean considerable change in the future. This will bring a degree of apprehension. You need to give it more thought before deciding whether or not to accept an unusual offer.


You will be throwing yourself into work and other responsibilities. Is this an excuse to avoid someone or something you don’t want to have to face at the moment? It would be better to confront a problem before it gets out of hand.


You need more fun in your life. When every day is the same as the last one you wonder what there is to look forward to. Your restlessness is a sign that you need a change of activity, routine or scenery. A sporting pursuit or getting involved in a community project would be a good outlet for your nervous energy.


You need to get more focused if you want to get a job done. Your thoughts keep wandering and you aren’t paying attention to what is going on. Stick to set schedules and check that you are aware of all appointments and meetings that have been arranged for the day.


The best opportunities will come when they are least expected. Just because you aren’t prepared, it doesn’t mean you should abandon some new ideas completely. If you want to benefit from what is on offer now, it will be important to strike while the iron is hot.


Each hour that passes will be busier than the last. You won’t have a moment to call your own. It will be annoying that a workmate leaves it late in the day before getting down to some important business. They only have themselves to blame if they fail to fulfil their obligations.


You hit a peak in career affairs and this should not be unexpected. You have worked with persistence and dedication to achieve your aims. You will be wondering which way you should go from here. This isn’t a choice you have to make immediately.


A bonus or increase in income will prompt you to think of your future and in particular, how to make life more stable and secure. You have a strong feeling everything will work out as you plan. Throw yourself into events and activities that liven up your world.


A close friend or relative will be in a strange mood. They seem a little distant and vague. If you can encourage them to tell you exactly what is on their mind, you will start to understand why. Travel appeals. If you did not get away this summer you might soon be booking a holiday.


Your hard working efforts are showing signs of coming to fruition. It has taken a while to get this far and your patience will have been well worth it. You have far surpassed your original expectations. Praise will be well-deserved when others realise how well you have done.


Once the moment you have been dreading arrives, all our worries and uncertainties will vanish. An interview or meeting will not be half as formal as you had been expecting and once you relax and can be yourself, you will make a great impression.


Because you are in a sensitive mood you will prefer to spend time only with people you feel comfortable with and can really trust. It will help you to be able to discuss matters with someone who shares the same wave-length. They will give you some sensible and practical advice.

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