Horrifying moment tiny child falls out of car as it turns corner before frantic woman rushes to scoop youngster up off Texas road

This is the horrifying moment a tiny child is sent tumbling out of a turning car before a woman frantically races over to scoop them up. Dramatic footage showed the youngster hurtles from the red SUV as it raced round the turning in Houston, Texas.

Seconds later a woman, who has not been named, leaps out the driver’s door and sprints to rescue the infant. The horrific incident, which emerged on Tuesday, was captured on a feeder leading on to I-69 in the south west of the city.

The clip starts as the red SUV turns right at a traffic stop to get on to the feeder next to the Interstate. That is when the child, whose identity has also not been revealed, somehow falls out of the car and is sent sprawling across the road.

The driver immediately slams her foot down on the brake before the car door is flung open and she comes racing out. The woman, who was wearing a gray beanie, sprints over and scoops up the shirtless youngster before taking them back to the vehicle.

Thankfully, no other vehicles were on the feeder at the time. The child also came out of the incident unscathed. The Houston Police Department (HPD) had not been aware of the incident until ABC 13 reached out for comment. The driver and the child have not been identified as of Wednesday evening.

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