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DEAR DEIDRE: HOW do I tell my wife that I can’t get an erection because I’m heartbroken?

I was having an affair with a married woman but she ended it six months ago. I still think about her every day.

I’m 52, and my wife’s 56. We’ve been together for 25 years.

I’m a freelance accountant and met my lover, 49, when she employed me to help with her boutique’s books.

It was obvious from the start she fancied me – she wasn’t subtle about it.

Before long, we’d started an affair. I’d book an extra few hours out and we’d have sex in the back room.

Then one day she texted me to say it was over. She didn’t like lying to her husband.

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My wife and I have always had a healthy sex life, but since the breakup I haven’t been able to get it up – even with Viagra.

I think my only option is to come clean and deal with the consequences.

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DEIDRE SAYS: If you are considering coming clean purely so you can enjoy a healthy sex life, you need to rethink.

Will this knowledge really help you get your relationship back on track?

If this is the goal, you’d be better off explaining to your wife that you feel your relationship is stagnating.


Bobby’s getting fed up with Mags’ lack of attention

I feel like my fella’s dirty little secret as he’s embarrassed by our age gap

Plan some time away together and turn your focus on to her.

If you don’t want to continue in your marriage any more, you owe it to your wife to admit that your heart isn’t in your relationship any longer.

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