Welcome to How I Do It – the series in which we give you a sneak peek into a week in the sex life of a stranger.

For today’s instalment, we hear from Chad, a 26-year-old CEO and entrepreneur.

Chad is gay, single, and uses the pronouns he/him and they/them.

After spending ‘too long living by other people’s rules and not putting myself first,’ Chad now ensures that ‘everything in my life is on my terms’.

They add: ‘I decide what I do, when I do it and how, because I put myself and my happiness first.

‘As a gay man and someone who’s struggled with body image and self-confidence, I believe that’s important.’

While Chad’s busy schedule acts as a slight impediment to sex at times, he loves ‘being LGBTQ+ in 2022′.

‘I’m grateful to be enjoying my sexuality at this time as a young gay man with his whole life ahead of him.’


Today I have an early start with a client. It’s a tabloid interview, so I’m up at 6am to be on the phone with the client and then with the journalist, so everyone’s schedules are aligned.

After that, I hit the gym and the pool before starting my day properly. My day usually consists of meetings and catch-ups with my team, but I have a lunch catch-up with a friend on the beach.

I spend half my time in the Algarve, Portugal and half in Mayfair, London. Lunch consists of a few champagnes, some seafood and a lot of gossip. 

I tell my friend about my weekend, which was made up of a couple of dates and a late one on Saturday night, and she tells me how things are going with her new man.

Monday afternoon is back-to-back meetings followed by a call with a new client. He’s very fit, and I’m guilty of flirting with him, but he was definitely flirting back. Hazards of the job.

My assistant orders me some dinner as I’m working late, and I head to bed.


Tuesday kicks off with a call with one of my favourite clients and my co-founder.

We’re planning a birthday celebration for an adult platform and talk quickly turns to how we can incorporate sex toy brands as sponsors, sexy performers and some of the client’s porn star content creators. We come up with some great ideas for the campaign, and I’m excited to get started. 

After the call, I spend some time researching the sex toy companies discussed on the call and order a selection of products with the help of my co-founder – she’s great with this stuff.

Some products I order to check out the quality and some are just for me. I love how so many brands are creating cool inclusive and genderless toys these days. Some of the stuff I’ve ordered looks so fun, and I’m looking forward to it arriving. 

I have a date tonight, so after work I have a massage and a facial and spend some time getting ready. I quickly ring my friend who styles me for red carpet events to get some outfit advice. I opt for Louboutin trainers, skinny leather trousers and a cool blazer. I grab my Louie clutch and head out feeling good. 

The date goes well – the guy is very cute, and we laugh a lot. I don’t drink too much as I have another early start – I’m flying to London in the morning – but we do share a kiss in the restaurant and I tell him to text me while I’m away.

I’m open to the idea of a relationship, but it has to be on my terms, so I’m not in a rush. 


On the flight to London, I catch up on some emails. My driver meets me at the airport and, after a quick pit stop at my hotel to freshen up, it’s over to Soho for meetings.

I’m meeting with a few brands and celebs in need of representation and am particularly excited to meet with one – a dating site with a fun twist.

The client and I spend time regaling each other with stories of bad dates and hit it off. We arrange a meeting with my co-founder for Friday.

After meetings, I meet up with some clients who are good friends. I always love hearing their wild stories over dinner.

I’m tired from travelling so I head back to the hotel at a reasonable time and settle in for an evening of Netflix and self-care. I watch Call Me By Your Name – it’s one of the best LGBTQ+ films I’ve seen in a long time. 


Today I’m up early for a shoot with a newspaper – they’re profiling me for a big piece on mental health and body image. I love talking about this stuff.

After the shoot, it’s time for brunch with some of my Love Island clients which is the perfect opportunity to see if they’re up for drinks on Saturday night. We’ll be going to my favourite club in Soho with a big group. 

I have a gap between meetings, so I open Grindr to see what London has to offer.

I match with a few cute people and arrange to have drinks later with one of them. He also works in the industry, so we’ll have lots to talk about.

After more meetings and a quick stop at Selfridges to find an outfit for the weekend, I head back to my hotel to get ready for my date.

I meet the guy at a low-key spot in Mayfair, and we end up having a great time.

As anticipated, conversation flows, and we end up laughing and drinking for hours. He insists on accompanying me back to my hotel to make sure I ‘get home safely’ and I know where this is going.

I invite him up for a drink, and we spend a fun few hours together.


I’m a little fuzzy-headed after last night’s antics, so I have a healthy breakfast at the hotel and decide to hit the gym. After that, I catch up on my messages and get ready for the meeting with my co-founder and the dating site client in Shoreditch.

We’re each set up with a free trial of the app and agree on the details of the contract. My co-founder and I decide to celebrate the deal with a few drinks and end up having some fun using the app.

We come up with some cool ideas for the client and then part ways as I have a premiere to head to. 

I meet up with my stylist and a makeup artist and am red-carpet ready in an hour, and then it’s off to the venue. I spot an ex on the carpet but pretend I haven’t seen him as I really don’t want to have to chat.

Annoyingly, he clocks me and heads straight over. We make conversation, and he has a flirty yet aggressive energy that makes me feel weird. I try to be the bigger person, be polite and wish him the best, but secretly wish him nothing but the worst. 

My date from Thursday hits me up towards the end of the event, so I decide to skip the industry party and meet him for a drink.

One thing leads to another, and we end up back in my hotel room. He’s a great kisser, and not bad at the rest either.  


Saturday should be a day off, but the hustle never sleeps, so I’m pretty much on the phone all morning trying to broker and stop various stories for clients.

I’m looking forward to having a big night out later on with my friends, clients and team. It’s always a good time when I’m in London for the weekend. I just hope everyone behaves themselves because the VIP area in this particular club can get pretty crazy sometimes. 

We go for dinner at one of my favourite Soho restaurants. It’s dimly lit and always full of people to catch up with. Plus, I love the huge light-up ‘SEX’ sign on the wall – it’s a vibe.

My friends and I end up drinking champagne in the club, swinging round the pole with the cast of Drag Race UK and generally having the time of our lives.

A few of my good friends and I make our way back to my hotel at around 4am and, well, let’s just say I don’t kiss and tell. 


The struggle is real this morning, so I spend some time in the hotel pool and spa before catching up on what seems like three hundred voice notes and WhatsApp messages.

My flight is in a few hours, and I’m looking forward to getting back to the sunshine in Portugal. My house overlooks the ocean and the coastal air always cures a hangover.

I switch my location back to The Algarve on my dating apps and call my driver to take me to the airport.

Until next time, London… which will be in two weeks’ time.

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